Series Preview

Inside Look: A True Story of Executing Account-Based Everything

DiscoverOrg delves into the world of Account-Based Everything and shows what it’s really like to go beyond account-based marketing to align sales, marketing, and customer success around a single goal.

Episode 1

Moving Beyond Account-Based Marketing (ABE 101)

In the pilot episode of Inside Look, Dave Sill and Katie Bullard discuss why and how DiscoverOrg is going beyond ABM to implement a true Account-Based Everything approach to launch a new dataset – and what they expect to learn along the way.

Episode 2

Identifying Target Accounts and Contacts (ABE 102)

In the second chapter of the INSIDE LOOK series, we narrow our prospect list to fit an Ideal Customer Profile. Jenny, Jake, and Chris look at title, scope of influence, company size, and more – to ensure we stick to our stated ICP in this account-based experiment.

Episode 3

Executing an Account-Based Strategy (ABE 103)

In Episode 3 of INSIDE LOOK, key players from the sales and marketing teams share their strategy and key takeaways following a series of ABE plays for our HR dataset.

Episode 4 (Season Finale)

Measuring Results from Account-Based Programs

In Episode 4, we track the impact of our Account-Based Everything program on pipeline generation, revenue generation, and ASP. Also, executives reflect on lessons learned and what might have been done differently.