Andrew Brewer

Andrew is the Vice President of Customer Success at DiscoverOrg. He is responsible for strategic initiatives and major accounts.

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NexTech Sales DiscoverOrg

Turn Right! How the Right Sales Tools Can Help You Navigate a Change in Direction

When a company makes any significant change in direction – a new strategy, a new product or a new target segment – they face the certainty of disruption. But when it is your sales team making the turn –even if they are headed for a more profitable segment- good execution supported by the right sales

ForeScout Sales Effectiveness DiscoverOrg

3 Ways to Crack Into Triple Sales Force Effectiveness

Leveraging a small team for effective and aggressive growth requires cracking into some key elements to maximize effectiveness. The more ways you can empower them, the more successful they will be. So what does a small sales team need to perform large feats of success? Get Through the Outer Shell With a Data Intelligence Solution

ITInvolve Sales DiscoverOrg

3 Tactics to Shave Months (or Years) off Your IT Sales Cycle

You know that feeling you have when you are walking into a company you’ve been doing business with for years? You stand in their lobby, waiting for your contacts to be called down and you are confident because you know these guys – you know their technology landscape, what they need, you know who is

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