Charity Heller

Charity Heller

Charity Heller is a content strategist at DiscoverOrg. She has 15+ years' experience in publishing, retail, and marketing; and previously founded and operated an editing company. Charity's B.A. is in English, and she received Professional Editing Certification from U.C. Berkeley.

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5 ways to handle objections in sales

The Savvy Sales Pro’s 5-Point Guide to Overcoming Objections

If you’re dealing with an objection, congratulations! You are working with a decision-maker who has some skin in the game, and they’re taking your proposal seriously. That’s exactly where you want to be. A study from shows that the more negative sentiment you get during calls, especially in later stages, means the prospect is

construct a sales pipeline now for future growth

What You Can do TODAY to Build Sales Pipeline This Quarter

Even if you hit your sales goal, the new quarter is still a great time to take stock of wins and losses ... AND start building your pipeline for a quota-crushing Q3. Refresh cold leads with web form go-backs - Plus 5 more things you can do TODAY to boost your sales pipeline and crush your (next) end-of-quarter goals. Your future self will thank you!

Sales must know how to find leads at trade shows, conferences, and events

How to Find Leads at Events (without blowing your budget)

We've noticed a trend: People who aren’t able to identify good-fit attendees HAVE TO go for volume. They have to cast a wide net, usually with giveaways, prizes, and gift cards, because their next customer could be anyone. But giving away pricey swag increases the cost per lead: You’re basically paying every person who stops by your booth, even though most of them will never be (and could never become) customers. $.$.$.

don't scare off your prospect in a cold call

How to use Intent Data (Without Creeping Out Your Prospect)

“Hello, Kathy. It sounds like you’re struggling with email deliverability …” Stop. Put the phone down. How would you feel if your phone rang and the stranger at the other end said, “I know where you live, your dog’s name ... and what you’re doing right now. Should you be giving Fido more treats? He could lose a couple of pounds.”

Henry Schuck interview high sales performance

4 Ways to Move the Sales Performance Needle: An Interview with CEO Henry Schuck

“It’s not impossible to grow 40% or more year-over-year, in the first few years of business. But to maintain that level of growth when your company is worth $1 million, $10 million, $100 million? That’s crazy. That’s a whole different game.”

6 TED Talks All Marketers Should Watch (to Stay Creative and Not Sell Out)

When an email campaign, new blog, or other marketing activity gets great engagement, my first thought is AWESOME. We did something right! My second thought is SHIT ... This means the next one is going to have to be even better. It’s gratifying when other people respond to our creative efforts, and the beauty of digital marketing is that it’s easy to measure and possible to iterate successes. But sales and marketing pros alike want to see the growth curve tilt up and to the right. The steeper, the better. The goal is growth, and that train doesn’t stop. These specially curated TED Talks will help you stay creative and focused on the goal.

A Formula for Predictive Intelligence: Fit + Intent + Opportunity Data

The most important takeaway here is not the individual data point; rather, it’s that Intent data is meaningless unless it's informed by Fit data. Companies can “compare the products of other vendors in your category” all day long ... but without the proper Fit criteria such as Industry, Department budget, or complimentary technologies - a sale will never happen.

4 Blunders That Make Social Selling Feel Like a Cold Call

You can learn a lot about your prospect from Twitter. However, publicly asking @prospect anything on Twitter out of the blue risks being #tacky. Twitter is an outward-facing medium for sharing information designed for engagement in return. Use Twitter for contests, informal surveys, or to spark conversation. Just don't expect to book a meeting over DM.

A CEO Mind-shift for Scaling Growth: An Interview with Henry Schuck

Two years ago, I was meeting with CEOs of large companies, and they’d tell me that the stuff that they were focused on today wouldn't come to fruition for 12 to 24 months. And I remember thinking, "What a waste of time! I can’t imagine a world where I’m just thinking about the future." All that has changed.

most popular discoverorg blogs of 2017

Year-End Roundup: Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2017

If you spend a lot of time thinking about how to give that prospecting email a fresh spin, we’re right there with you. We’ve got the prospecting email down to a science. Try this email template, courtesy of Patrick Purvis, our Chief Revenue Officer: It’s short, sweet, and consistently gets a response rate of OVER 30%.

discoverorgsuccess success stories

2017’s Top Sales & Marketing Superstars – and Their Secret to Success

More pipeline, bigger deals, massive wins … DiscoverOrg customers are total superstars! Our mission is simple: to accelerate the pipeline and revenue growth of sales and marketing teams every day they come to work. Nothing makes us more proud than to put the spotlight on successful rockstars that are crushing it because of hard work,

customer retention and success

Matt, Kyle, and the Less-Traveled Road to Customer Retention

Meet Matt Shephard and Kyle Ziegler, whose unique approach to customer retention and service has become a revenue-generating machine.

buyer and vendor personalities

[STUDY] Bridging the Great B2B Vendor-Buyer Divide

"Salespeople are too pushy." Well, yes, PUSHY is the name of the game. You have to be pushy just to get in the door. But the fact that most buyers still identified this as the primary reason they don’t connect with salespeople (and there’s a lot of supporting evidence) means it's a problem.

salespeople should personalize sales pitch

3 Ways NOT to Sell B2B [NEW REPORT]

Exhibit A: The internet. Assume buyers use it. Furthermore, assume that they use it at least as much as you do - to research options, product features and specs, and, yes, product and business reviews. So where does that leave salespeople?

Which B2B buyers like salespeople

What do B2B Buyers Want (and Why Don’t They Like Salespeople)?

The study found an interesting correlation between the buyers’ perception of salespeople and their risk aversion: Those buyers in departments that do have a positive opinion of salespeople are more willing to take a chance.

Splitting outbound inbound sales Anthony Johnson

AJ’s story – and the Split of Outbound and Inbound Sales Development

There’s a reason that the average lifespan of an SDR is two years. Sales is hard. Anthony Johnson began his career with a lot of enthusiasm. But over the next two years, as one of just three SDRs, his enthusiasm faded. As a husband and father of infant twins, Johnson had a lot on the line - but he was burned out, and mentally checked out. And it showed.

The secret weapon in this sales competition is DiscoverOrg

[VIDEO] A Not-so-Friendly Cold Call Competition

What’s a little friendly cold call competition? It was an ordinary Tuesday morning for two salesmen … except that Robert is feeling a little extra competitive with his cold call skills. “Smell that?” he asks. “It smells like sales.” In fact, it smells like selling five deals by happy hour. The gauntlet is thrown down. Dan

A boy benefits from data proliferation

How Data Proliferation Evolves Sales and Marketing

Historically, business relationships revolved more around golf-course deals and long-standing relationships: Good for incumbents, bad for newcomers. That’s changing.

LeadMD partner DiscoverOrg ebook, the ultimate ABE catch

The Ultimate Catch eBook

We know sales and marketing are more effective when they work together, but account-based everything requires even broader involvement, alignment, and all hands on deck. The Ultimate Catch, an ebook from LeadMD, charts your course.

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