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David Sill is an effective communicator and enthusiastic coach with a track record of building sustainable sales engines and motivating Sales and Customer Success teams within high-growth technology/services firms to over-achieve. Dedicated to the excellence of others, David leads the way he parents – by bringing self-confidence to the surface, leveraging individual strengths that we all possess, and cultivating a “yes I can” attitude to adapt and grow through the challenges. Formerly head of both Customer Success and Sales, David is now pioneering the Sales Enablement function within DiscoverOrg. He holds an MBA from Villanova University, a bachelor’s degree in English writing and communications from the University of Pittsburgh, and a JD from Penn State Dickinson Law.

Posts by David Sill

[VIDEO] Whiteboard Wednesday: Sales Emotional Intelligence (Dave Sill)

If I think about social awareness, one of the disciplines there is the idea of transparency in sales. By transparency, I mean that as a seller you gain terrific credibility by just being just straight up and throwing your cards on the table. It’s a key advantage. Your time is valuable too, and it's fair play to ask the prospect: "Hey, what budget has been set aside for this?"


9 B2B Sales Closing Techniques You Can Use Today

Don’t jump to discounts right away - then it becomes a price-based purchase, not value-based. We need to revert to value-based appeal. If you lead with price, you become a price-based purchase. So any discounts should be last.

Storytelling in Account-Based Marketing

[VIDEO] The Role of Story in Account-Based Marketing

Storytelling permeates our lives on multiple levels, but is often overlooked as a useful approach to account-based marketing. Great storytelling is essential and effective.

account based customer success

Account-Based Customer Success: The Refrain Remains the Same

What does it look like to implement Account-Based methods for Customer Success? While there are nuances, some traditional hurdles still apply.

Coachin Culture: Growing Roots by David Sill

Coaching Culture: Putting Down Roots

Coaching is absolutely clutch. It’s gotta be there. It can’t take days off. It requires executive level sponsorship and involvement.

Storytelling for Sales | DIscoverOrg

Why is Storytelling Important in Sales?

If you want to keep the sales cycle moving forward, you must earn that motivation, and storytelling is a powerful vehicle for doing so.

DiscoverOrg Customer Success Drives Revenue

Your Customer Success Team: Useless Caboose or Recurring Revenue Engine?

Turning the corner from “account management” to “customer success” is a formidable challenge.

your warm leads aren't as cold as ice

Heat Up Warm Leads With Education – Show Them Why You’re Better

I enjoyed a series of great webinars hosted by InsideSales.com when they put on a groundbreaking virtual summit for the inside sales profession: one great content session after another.  In a session by Matthew Dixon, the co-author of The Challenger Sale, the point was made that in today’s B2B buyer-empowered sales environment, by the time

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