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Ezekiel has 10 years of helping creative agencies, tech startups and sales intelligence companies develop and implement results-focused content strategy.

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DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence | Best B2B Sales Blogs

5 Best B2B Sales Blog Posts of the Summer

As you prep to crush Q3 quotas, we thought it would be a great time to support your efforts with some truly impactful sales knowledge.

5 Inspirational Sales Quotes to Light a Fire Under Your Ass

Motivation and inspiration can be fleeting especially when you’re a B2B sales professional grinding it out on the phones EVERY DAY.

DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence | Provider of High Quality Data

4 Things to Look for in a Data Provider

Make no mistake - good sales contact data can fuel your company’s successes and can minimize some pretty epic fails.

DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

Social Selling: The Good, The Kinda Bad, and The Super Secret Sauce

Can social selling really help shorten your long, arduous B2B sales cycle and close more deals?

DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence | Outbound Sales

3 Ways to Beat the Summertime Sales Blues

We know more than most that “time truly is money” – especially when you’re making every effort to move your end-of-summer deals along.

Safe Harbour Complaince | DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

Is Your Sales and Marketing Data EU-Ready?

Even the most market-savvy U.S.-based sales pros make the mistake of assuming that prospecting in the EU will be business as usual.

Oppalerts: Predictive Sales Intelligence DiscoverOrg

OppAlerts: Powerful, Real-Time Predictive Sales Intelligence

Insight is a must-have ingredient of any effective prospecting strategy. The more you know, the more effective you and your sales team will be. Knowledge is power, right?

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