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8 Steps to Successful Post-Trade Show Prospecting

You’ve just arrived home from a week of trade show exhibiting. You are tired, your head and feet still ache, and you are behind on all of your normal tasks. Hang on! It is not yet time to soak your feet or catch up with your team. Collecting leads at the show is only one

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21 Do’s and Don’ts to Master Trade Show Prospecting

As a prospecting platform, trade shows can be a fantastic forum for generating demand, building relationships with your prospects and filling your pipeline. For starters, the audience is already pre-qualified – attendees are there because the event addresses a field where they have interest. Additionally, those who attend are often actively researching solutions to challenges

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Pre-Show: 4 Steps to Maximize Trade Show Lead Generation

Planning for a trade show involves setting a thousand moving pieces into place. It can be a real puzzle, but when you get it all put together, it can be worth the big effort. While choosing the best promotional items and deciding on the color of booth carpeting can be exciting and fun, they won’t

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Nancy Nardin, of Smart Selling Tools, Wants You to Know Why Your Sales Process is Full of @#%!

Nancy Nardin is the founder and President of Smart Selling Tools, which is dedicated to helping marketers and sellers apply process and technology to drive revenue. Sales teams are said to average only 35% of their time actually selling – but what does that mean? Where does the other 65% go? If sales people are

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Steve W. Martin, Heavy Hitters Author, Explains Why Sales Should Use the Flank Approach

Steve W, Martin is the founder of the Heavy Hitter sales training program, the author of the “Heavy Hitter” series of books on the human nature of enterprise sales, and USC Faculty member. Some sales tactics are well-known and accepted, like the importance of being there to get your foot in the door first. But

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3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Email Data for New Growth!

There is nothing like a good spring clean. Open all the windows, clean under the couch cushions, and dust the ceiling fan. Go all out. This way, you won’t have dust bunnies arriving as surprise guests at Easter brunch. In order to be effective, marketing databases need a good airing out, too. Well-executed email prospecting

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Sixteen Ventures Consultant, Lincoln Murphy, Shares the Real Meaning of Ideal Customer Profiling

Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures explains that the ideal customer should be ready, willing, and able to benefit from your solution.

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Don’t Waste My Time (and Don’t Waste Yours, Either)

6 Actionable Steps to Improve Your Email Prospecting Prowess I spent a snow day a couple of weeks ago deleting unread marketing emails. For hours. Most of these emails I deleted almost instantaneously.  Most of them I had discarded mentally when they first arrived by just looking at the subject or the first line of

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First Comes… Love? Seven Steps to Winning the Prospect of Your Dreams

How about first comes Awareness?  That is really where all relationships begin, right? You see someone across a crowded room, or hear about them from friends. The same is the case with lead generation, the first touch is generally not when your leads fall for you – you’ve got to work a bit harder than

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Balance is Everything: Integration is the Key to Balance Between Inbound and Outbound Programs

Successful people have mastered the art of balance. We think about balance all the time – work and play, diet and exercise – etc. And yet, when we talk about marketing, the discussion always seems to come down to inbound vs. outbound. When, in reality, it is far more productive to think about the proper

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How to Close Deals with Crazy Busy Prospects

Frazzled. That is how your prospects are feeling. The end of the year is fast approaching and they are in the heat of it. Between trying to wrap up their end of year and planning for next year, there is little time to consider new solutions. And yet, you call. You call because you have

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Growing Shift in Technology Sales: The Changing Face of Technology Buyers

3 Steps to Maintain Focus While Tech Selling is Blurring Identifying business purchasers for technology sales vendors used to be easy. You found the department with the guys wearing pocket protectors and you wowed them with your cool solutions. Ok, perhaps it was never that easy – but technology purchasing used to be at least

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3 Powers to Make Your Sales Team Super

Watching super hero movies, one can easily imagine how useful some of those powers might be for your average sales guy. Super human abilities in the movies seem to come only from freak accidents or alien birth. But we mere mortals could use some of these skills in our day-to-day lead generation and sales lives.

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The Action Hero Life of Your Email Marketing: 4 Keys to Maximize Deliverability

90% of emails sent today are considered spam, utilize these suggestions to be part of the 10% You may think that your email marketing message is just like a mild mannered guy, headed to work on a Tuesday to do his job. But once they are out the door, things get complicated. In order to

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Fall Data Clean Up – Produces Good Leads

As the leaves are blowing across the yard it has me thinking about the importance of fall clean-up. Maintaining a clean an accurate data base is similar in a lot of ways to yard maintenance. Old material needs to be pulled, and the material that is good needs to be checked, supplemented and readied for

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