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The New Purchasing Powerhouse: Operations

5 years ago, it was Marketing. 3 years ago, it was Sales. TODAY, the tech trend has breached another department: Operations. That translates to a sales opportunity ... and by “opportunity,” we’re talking about an industry worth $157 billion in 2016, anticipated to grow to $457 billion by 2020. Meet the new purchasing powerhouse: Operations.

5 ways to handle objections in sales

The Savvy Sales Pro’s 5-Point Guide to Overcoming Objections

If you’re dealing with an objection, congratulations! You are working with a decision-maker who has some skin in the game, and they’re taking your proposal seriously. That’s exactly where you want to be. A study from shows that the more negative sentiment you get during calls, especially in later stages, means the prospect is

construct a sales pipeline now for future growth

What You Can do TODAY to Build Sales Pipeline This Quarter

Even if you hit your sales goal, the new quarter is still a great time to take stock of wins and losses ... AND start building your pipeline for a quota-crushing Q3. Refresh cold leads with web form go-backs - Plus 5 more things you can do TODAY to boost your sales pipeline and crush your (next) end-of-quarter goals. Your future self will thank you!

Sales must know how to find leads at trade shows, conferences, and events

How to Find Leads at Events (without blowing your budget)

We've noticed a trend: People who aren’t able to identify good-fit attendees HAVE TO go for volume. They have to cast a wide net, usually with giveaways, prizes, and gift cards, because their next customer could be anyone. But giving away pricey swag increases the cost per lead: You’re basically paying every person who stops by your booth, even though most of them will never be (and could never become) customers. $.$.$.

3 ways sales can help marketing alignment

3 Ways Sales Can Help the Marketing Team (and Help Themselves)

Let’s agree that the goal of your marketing team should be to help your sales team. Sound good? Awesome! But as sales professionals, how can you feed your sales intelligence in to your marketing team and how can they use that intelligence to better help you close sales?


Father’s Day Advice from a Dad and CEO: Your Baby WILL Sleep & Your Outbound Sales Efforts WILL Work

I celebrated my first Father’s Day as a dad two years ago. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t terrified. I worried about the success of our home life, and the success of the company. Everywhere I looked, something was about to slip and fail. But the idea of NOT being really great at any one of those things - dad, husband, or CEO - didn’t feel like an option at all. It turns out that being a dad and being a CEO have a lot in common.

what 15k demos taught us about converting inbound sales leads

What 15K Demos per Year Taught Us About Converting Inbound Sales Leads

The fastest way to find our lead-quality sweet spot is to agree on lead Fit. These are firmographic and demographic identifiers - like industry, company size, and individual title - that we know our sales team can convert effectively. Once we identified what makes a lead a “good fit,” we addressed lead qualification.

how to passive recruiting

7 Ways Recruiters Can Find Great Passive Candidates (& 3 Things to Avoid)

Once you’ve gotten a candidate on the phone, ask questions about the their career goals and interests. Be honest in what you have to offer. If it’s not a fit now, that’s okay. That’s what these early conversations are meant for. Inquire about their satisfaction with their current job. Ask what’s missing. Ask what would it take for them to consider new opportunities?

building sales lead pipeline

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

“Where should I start when I have limited resources? With inbound? With outbound? With ABM?” As an emerging business, you need to find the quickest, most efficient, and most sustainable route to growth. Regardless of your industry, your deal size, your sales cycle, or your buyer, there are 4 simple steps that will get you to that next chapter - wherever you are in your growth journey.

7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Kill lead channels with low conversion. Kill ‘em dead. Even if they deliver tons of leads. That’s right: Marketers should drop the channels that deliver leads that don’t convert. If this sounds like a bad idea - your Marketing and Sales department are not aligned.

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