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Adventures in Account-Based Marketing

I became interested in target account marketing, which I later learned to call ABM, while tying to efficiently grow a software business. The hypothesis was that if all of our time, energy, and money was spent on a focused sales and marketing effort to convert a list of target enterprise accounts, we could grow our average sales price (ASP) - without breaking the bank.

Independent case study comparing apples to oranges

All Data is Not Created Equal: Independent Case Study Proves Why Quality Beats Quantity

Even though SalesFolk used 3 times more leads from ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg email addresses yielded almost 10 times more positive responses.

love lessons for sales development

5 Mistakes Online Dating Can Teach Sales Prospecting

Prospecting is a lot like online dating, the mistakes online daters make provide great illustrations to help get more leads.

Improve your click through rate

[VIDEO] How to Get 30% Response Rates with Prospecting Emails

The second prospecting email is even shorter, but I added a new value prop. We find these follow-up messages get 3-4 times the click-through rate that the first message does.

buyer and vendor personalities

[STUDY] Bridging the Great B2B Vendor-Buyer Divide

"Salespeople are too pushy." Well, yes, PUSHY is the name of the game. You have to be pushy just to get in the door. But the fact that most buyers still identified this as the primary reason they don’t connect with salespeople (and there’s a lot of supporting evidence) means it's a problem.

Selling to CXO - prospect insight report

How to Build a Prospect Insight Report Your Entire Team Can Use

Include the customer's business strategy in your prospect insight report. I’ve seen a customer meeting end because sales couldn’t answer this opening question: “Can anyone here tell me what our business strategy is?” Not a pleasant memory.

account based marketing cookbook

The ABM Cookbook for Sales Teams: 5 recipes to keep Sales 100% focused on target accounts

If you want to distribute 30 key accounts to each, provide a list of 40 candidate companies. Ask the Account Executives to weed out poor prospects, and let them propose a few alternative names of their own. Now the AE owns the list!


An Inside Look Premiere: A True Story of Executing Account-Based Everything

“It’s not old wine in a new bottle,” says Dave Sill, our Senior VP of Sales. “It's an old idea that technology has just empowered - which is really cool.” Join DiscoverOrg as we step through the planning and execution of a true account-based everything strategy.

DiscoverOrg features for sales development

Alert Subscriptions – A Magic 8 Ball for Outbound Sales Development

If the subscription alert revealed a plan to hire 15 new sales reps, I know my target company wants to grow. That’s a significant investment, and management will want to see ROI right away. I’d call first, then put the prospect in a very specific nurture email campaign.

Are You Trying to Complete the ABM Marathon – Before the ABM 5k?

You could easily spend months doing an in-depth statistical analysis of thousands of data points; but that might actually hamstring your efforts. In the fast-paced environment that surrounds sales and marketing, we must chart progress – not perfection.

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