Sales is hard. Not hard in the standard sense – sales requires emotional fortitude to survive the daily barrage of prospect objections and quotas from your sales manager. We have a soft spot for sales reps at DiscoverOrg because we sell too.

Take a break from the cold calling and writing emails, and enjoy some light-hearted sales memes to get through the day.


The Life of a Salesman in Sales Memes

Sales Meme: Mr. Bean You got into Sales because you thought it would be easy.
Sales meme: Dials = sales. From day one it was a grind. The sales manager is hard on the team saying, “If you haven’t hit your quota to go back to your desk and put up the phone.”
Sales memes: Dwight from The Office. You spend all day on the phones cold calling prospects.
Sales meme: Officespace After getting them on the phone, it’s not any easier. Leads sniff out the hardest objections. You didn’t prepare for this one in the sales meetings.
Sales meme: Nicolas Cage No matter when the internal sales meeting is scheduled, it’s during that golden window of opportunity where hot leads are between meetings and able to talk.
Sales meme: Christian Bale from 'American Psycho.' After getting ahold of a hot lead, they want “a more aggressive deal.” You jump through hoops to get it for them and then it takes forever to get approval from the sales manager. Come to find out, despite your best efforts, they sign with the competition.
Sales meme: Baby saying "I want sales. Grow, grow, growww!" Just before the day could get any worse, everyone’s sales goal increases.
Sales meme: Obama - the moment you hit weekly sales goal. Then things start to click.
Sales meme: Simpsons - the most rewarding part was when they gave me the money. Your paycheck reminds you why you do all this.
Sales meme: Crying man - 'when you look at your commission check and realize how much of it went to taxes.' And then you look closer at your commission check and it’s as if Uncle Sam charges extra for blood, sweat and tears.
Sales meme: The Great Lebowski: "DiscoverOrg Data - really ties your integrations together." See? We do understand salespeople. That’s why DiscoverOrg provides sales and marketing departments with the intel to make jobs easier. Making life easier is also why DiscoverOrg’s data also integrates with marketing automation software.
Sales meme: Leonidas from 300 - "Spartans don't like bad data." Don’t spend all day sorting through wrong or incomplete contact info for prospects.

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