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It’s December! For most sales reps and sales managers that means it’s crunch time for achieving your sales goals. With just weeks left in the year, you need to close sales fast, but don’t want to appear desperate.

Here are 13 strategies you can use to close sales without proposing discounts and special offers:

  1. Review all the proposals you closed this year and make a list of things customers decided to “wait to do.” Close them now.
  2. Spend two days closing lingering proposals, even the ones from last January.
  3. Upsell add-ons you thought would inflate the original solution you sold this year.
  4. Sell one more. Look for opportunities to sell one more of something small or simple: one more PC, one more small project, one more staff administrative position. Sell a bunch.
  5.  Conduct a 2014 review meeting with your top eight customers. Look back on the year’s successes and forward to what still needs to be accomplished before year end.
  6.  Look for clients with remaining budget this year that they’d like to spend on next year’s priorities.
  7. Call every client you haven’t talked to in 90 days to see how they’re positioned to start next year. Do they need your services in December to get off to a fast start?
  8. Call all prospects who’ve been holding off on moving forward with a proposal. Check in to see how they’re positioned to achieve their first quarter initiatives.
  9. Review your forecast and identify the steps required to close everything – then execute.
  10.  Enlist your manager’s and / or team’s support in overcoming roadblocks holding any of your customers or prospects back from buying.
  11.  Remind customers you welcome referrals. Who do they know that needs help to get through year end?
  12.  Set appointments for January to give yourself a fast start to next year. You may find last minute opportunities while you’re at it!

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