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Sales is a crucible, burning away excuses and bad habits. Didn’t hit your quota? Go back to the phones and meet sales goals by providing prospects with solutions. Staying on fire requires constant honing of skills, studying the competition, and doing the hard work.

To help get you start on the right foot for 2017, we reviewed our blog posts from the past year to find those that stood out in their mission to put a spark in sales efforts.

Below is our curated list of top posts from 2016:

1.) Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Selling to CIOs

This post is a must read for organizations selling products/services made for those who work in IT. Written in response to a DiscoverOrg hosted panel at VMworld, this post combines responses from CIOs including Sephora, Arch Mortgage Insurance, and Charlotte Russe depicting how to sell to them.

One CIO claims over 50% of his inbox is filled with emails from vendors. Stand apart from the crowd by providing value, and showing respect for the CIO’s time.

2.) High CIO and CISO Turnover: What it Means for IT Sales

Most CIOs only stay with a company 4-5 years and CISOs average two years. Short tenures requires sales professionals to be tuned in to when these changes are happening. New CIOs and CISOs initiate change in personnel and tools.

In fact, a DiscoverOrg study revealed that CIOs spend over $1 million while catalyzing organizational change within their first year. Moreover, the majority of these investments (70%) occurred within three months of starting.

Sales reps who are able to help new CISOs quickly implement strategies cash in on this initial spending and are in the position to make the next sale when the CISO moves on to a new company.

3.) 8 TED Talks All Salespeople Should Watch

Gain sales knowledge with TED Talks. Here are eight videos getting at the crux of problems facings sales. Want to help someone? Trying to inspire your team? Looking for the science of sales? These short videos tackle such pertinent issues and empower viewers.

4.) The Evolving Risks and Roles of CISOs in 2016

As information security continues to become more of a priority, the role of the CISO is evolving, gaining influence, budget, and earning a seat at the boardroom table. During 2016, CISOs at Fortune 500 companies invested billions in risk mitigation programs, cyber-attack technologies, and more.

Only after understanding the landscape of CISOs can sales refine pitches, making this post crucial to teams selling IT.

5.) Email Deliverability Basics for Everyone

Struggling with low open rates? Emails bouncing back? Crafting the perfect email is hard enough, let alone dealing with the technical aspects of email deliverability. After spending the time to create a superhero email, the worst thing to happen is its failure to reach prospects’ inboxes. Derek Smith illuminates the reasons emails fail to reach their destination, as well as provides four takeaways to remedy the issue.
Have you read a blog recently that fanned the flames of selling? Share it in the comments below.

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