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Watching super hero movies, one can easily imagine how useful some of those powers might be for your average sales guy. Super human abilities in the movies seem to come only from freak accidents or alien birth. But we mere mortals could use some of these skills in our day-to-day lead generation and sales lives. The ability to see through corporate walls and inside IT organizations; easily spinning a web of contacts in your prospect organizations with direct dial and email information; being able to fly in just at the right time, equipped with the right solution to save the day.

So much time is spent by sales reps seeking out quality leads. Whether your sales team is researching online or mining underpowered databases, getting good data on prospect companies for projects and contact information can consume an incredible amount of time. Spending money on data sources only to get disappointed in the quality of the data is a frequent pain point in the sales world.

Companies often come to us knowing the verticals and even companies they wanted to target, but struggling to get contact information that identifies the individuals who would most benefit from their solution. What they need is to be able to peer inside prospect organizations to understand the reporting structure, gather contact information on contacts with the most promising titles and understand what relevant projects are underway.

If your company could benefit from these kinds of insights – here are three sales super powers you should be using.

Complete Sales Intelligence Can Feel Like a Super Power

Implementing a complete data intelligence solution creates an empowered sales environment. When sales reps have access to highly accurate, relevant data – without spending hours of frustrating research time, it might feel like they just got super powers. Each lead will be researched efficiently and thoroughly. Approaching prospects will be calculated and timed to their needs, not yours. Reps will be making calls knowing that they are not only calling the right contact but also offering a solution that is tailored to answer an identified need within the company.

Of course not every IT sales intelligence solution provides detailed accurate contact information for each contact in the IT team, or organizational charts that will help reps assess how their lead fits into the IT department with such details as their exact responsibilities. Not just any data intelligence solution can alert you when a prospect company has high-level IT management changes or when they have a project open for which your solution may be perfect.  These powers only come with a complete IT sales intelligence solution like the one offered by DiscoverOrg.

Super Powers for the Sales Rep

This power is not being overstated. When your sales reps are empowered with the most comprehensive set of data available and the robust tools to use it, they will become super. So what are these super powers you should be putting to work in your sales process?

  1. Leap Tall Buildings with in-depth datasets detailing the IT departments of over 18,000 companies. Your sales reps will be able to dive into prospect companies and quickly gain insider-like familiarity. Each of the six segmented DiscoverOrg datasets includes names, titles, direct dial phone numbers and verified email addresses. This data can be sorted using our advanced search engine and directly accessed within or imported into at the click of a button.
  2. See Through Walls using our detailed IT Organizational Charts, including reporting structure and individual responsibilities. Using this visual representation of prospect organizations, reps can choose the correct prospect and reach them directly. Additionally, sales teams can reach deeper into the prospect company – speaking to contacts on different teams or reaching up the chain of command to move a project along. With DiscoverOrg’s IT Organizational Charts, the power is in your hands.
  3. Save the day using our Triggers, and sales reps will be tipped off when prospect companies are planning or implementing projects. They will be able to reach out to these organizations at the right time with the right solution. An informed sales rep is a powerful sales rep. Alerts will also be sent when management changes occur. Leveraging knowledge of the company’s current situation is always a good way to start a conversation. Getting these alerts will enable your team to identify accounts with the highest likelihood to purchase.

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