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How Good Data Can Help You Harvest a Bumper Crop

We’re into harvest season. That goes for sales people as well as farmers. Throughout the year we plant seeds, nurture opportunities, and now, it is harvest time.

You have been nurturing some of your most promising leads for months, and perhaps working the same contacts within your prospect organizations without any yield to date. You know that you need to move up the line to the decision makers to close the deal, but do you have the good data that you need to do so? Do you know who they are, how to reach them and how to make sure you’ve got them all sitting at the table? Don’t let good opportunities rot in the field because you could not reach the right contacts.

When the sales process starts each lead seems to have a great deal of potential – some shoot up and ripen faster than we could have anticipated, but there are many that don’t amount to anything and eventually the data gets stale. Harvesting reliable revenue from your leads depends on the ability to reach the right people in the organization and involve the decision makers at the right time. Making this process work well depends heavily on good data: actionable sales intelligence. In fact, the Aberdeen Group, in its report, “Understanding the Science of Sales Intelligence,” found that “companies that support sales teams with sales intelligence see a 28.4% increase in year-over-year company revenue.”

How do you plan to deliver those high-potential opportunities? Here are 3 steps to take to make sure that you bring in a good harvest this season – close those deals while providing steady stream of closable opportunities for the future.

  1. Weed. If you have been spending your time calling on the same contacts and they are not moving the process forward, you need consider that they may not be your correct counterpart. You need to branch out. You may need to do some weeding. Consulting the organizational chart that accompanies every DiscoverOrg company profile, you will be able to identify other contacts that might influence the sale and bring them into the process. Remember that DiscoverOrg provides Marketing and Finance Department datasets as well, so that you can access verified contact data and include all of the right decision makers in the discussion.
  2. Feed. Comprehensive, clean sales intelligence is the key to sales success. The opportunity may have changed, grown or moved since you first approached the contact. Stay on top of open projects and initiatives as well as executive moves by subscribing to Triggers for prospect organizations where you have open opportunities. These alerts will give you actionable intelligence that you can leverage during conversations and ensure that you fully understand the current opportunity.
  3. Harvest and re-seed. Engaging with prospect organizations when you receive a buying signal– such as a key leadership change, a new product or an initiative underway – will propel you towards the close. Use the sales intelligence provided in the DiscoverOrg company profile to strategically direct conversations to address your target’s specific concerns. Consider every customer a prospect. There is no better market for your new products and solutions than the companies who are already thrilled with your service and already benefitting from your solutions. Use the contacts provided in the new datasets to cross-sell and up-sell.

There is nothing more rewarding than bringing in a great deal, or a big harvest. Your hard work will be well-rewarded. To learn more ways to benefit from DiscoverOrg’s good data, register for our FREE webinar Tuesday, October 28 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET “Don’t be Scared of Your Data! 6 Steps to Cleaning and Appending”

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