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You are just setting off on an exciting road trip. The car is packed, the kids are buckled, the GPS is programmed – you are off! But wait! No one fueled up! Without fuel, you won’t get very far. Anything that slows you down is frustrating and can make it difficult to recapture your energy and momentum.

It is like that with the sales process. You have a great offering, you have hired and trained an aggressive sales staff, and your solution is so good it could almost sell itself. You are excited. Success is almost ensured. But you need to make sure you power your success with a lead generation system that provides everything you need to keep the inside sales team fueled and moving.

One of our clients, ProKarma, came to DiscoverOrg when they were facing this challenge. ProKarma wanted to fuel their sales team with a lead generation tool that would maximize the effectiveness and enable them to maintain positive sales momentum. ProKarma selected the DiscoverOrg lead generation system for the complete set of sales enablement tools it offered.

If you are looking to power up your inside sales efforts like ProKarma, here are three powerful tools to power up your IT sales efforts.

1.   A View From Above: IT Organizational Charts

Each solution has an ideal target, and each person within the IT department has distinct a role. Getting your solution in front of the person who is most likely to have interest in how it could benefit the organization is the most effective way to approach a prospect. Having visibility into an organization’s IT department to see what responsibilities each person has and understand the reporting structure enables you to approach your ideal target and not spend all of your time bouncing from one contact to the next hoping to find someone who might have interest.

One of the more frustrating feelings in sales is when you know that an organization is likely to have need for your solution but not being able to find anyone within the company who is interested in talking with you. Using the detailed IT Organizational charts from DiscoverOrg enables your sales reps to see exactly the contacts they should be reaching and spend their phone time speaking directly to those people. The incredibly accurate direct dial information on every contact within the DiscoverOrg database gets your sales reps on the phone faster and more often increasing sales success and momentum.

“Conducting campaigns with high success rate is simple with the DiscoverOrg solution”, said Jeff Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ProKarma.

2.   Be Prepared: Powerful Research

A second tool that will amp up your success rate is insightful research. Identifying ideal contacts within prospect companies is a great first step but to really be successful, you want to approach companies with solutions to the challenges they currently face. The DiscoverOrg Triggers provide sales teams with alerts about prospect organizations as they have changes in leadership, begin new projects or launch new initiatives.

ProKarma’s sales team uses the alerts to start conversations with prospects knowing what services and solutions they are most likely to need at that time. When sales people reach out to prospects, the likelihood of success is greatly increased by knowing what to say, knowing what the prospect needs and speaking to that need.

3.   Right in Front of You: Integration

Complete integration ensures that the data that sales reps are using is always up-to-date and that new information is front and center as they approach prospect accounts. Getting the most out of a lead generation system requires that it is easy to use and that it is providing sales reps with the information they need when they need it. Integrating directly into the CRM system that sales teams are already using ensures maximum success.

ProKarma found that DiscoverOrg’s integration populated prospect data into the company’s CRM database at the touch of a button. Outbound calls are reaching more contacts and sales reps are more informed about the companies they are reaching.

“The DiscoverOrg database is so straightforward that when you open up SalesForce, the DiscoverOrg data is populated right there,” said Marty Glinsky, ProKarma’s Inside Sales Manager.

The most detailed map won’t help you reach your destination if it is folded under the seat of your car. Having updated route information available where you need it will increase the success of the driver. Similarly, a sales team empowered with a complete lead generation system will have the best rate of success.

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