3 Ways a Data Intelligence Solution Will Improve Your Business (Including One You Might Not Expect)

To compete in a tight economy, companies need to make the most effective use of their staff. When sales managers discover that up to a quarter of their staffs’ time is spent researching to find the right contacts at target companies, it is time to find a better solution. For companies moving into a new area, a data intelligence solution is tool they sue to attacking a new vertical or just building their pipeline. The old reliance on networking within sales staff contacts just won’t cut it. These days, many sales hours are spent digging for contact information and reporting structures on business networking sites like LinkedIn. As we know, these data sources are only as good as the users intend them to be, and that means that direct contact information is very hard to come by.

Our client, Avecto, came to DiscoverOrg to overcome this problem.  Removing the burden of researching for every contact would make the sales team more effective. However, just knowing what titles to target is often not enough – sales staff need to have accurate contact information for those people, not waste their days finding them.

If this challenge sounds familiar, it might be time to consider investing in a data intelligence solution like DiscoverOrg. Here are 3 ways that making this investment will improve your business:

Less Caffeine Needed

Sales cycles spent on research are not very rewarding. When you find the contact information for a specific title – that moment is pretty great – but most of the time you spend a bit frustrated and a bit bored. It might be a good time to get another cup of coffee.

When you are presented with a Pandora’s Box of all the contact information you might want for a target, along with the reporting structures and information on real-time projects they are working on, that is far more exciting – perhaps the coffee can wait. Getting your call list together for the day is going to be a snap, and you can see that there are some real exciting opportunities to follow.

The Difference Between Fishing and Hunting

When you employ a data intelligence solution, your approach to a target is entirely different. Before you had the solution, you might have called, asked for Bob in IT, said who you were and what your company does… you are fishing. You know it, and Bob knows it. He kind of thinks you are a waste of time.

When you approach a company with the benefit of the data intelligence provided by DiscoverOrg, you know Bob has recently been promoted, you know who he reports to and who he manages, you know what projects the company is rolling out, and you know all his direct contact information. You feel different already, don’t you? You’re hunting now. You are able to speak with confidence and intelligence about the solutions you offer that Bob is seeking. Bob is far more likely to give you a meeting and your success rate will increase.

The Kicker

You can see already that you are building an environment fueled by success, not coffee and long hours spent on LinkedIn. Your office will experience more high-fives, more thumps on the back. Your sales force will be more excited, and the people who support them will be happier – because success is like that – it fuels workplace satisfaction. Avecto found this surprise reward in their partnership with DiscoverOrg.

“DiscoverOrg has increased our workforce satisfaction; people find they are more successful at their job and that makes them happy,” said Ben Audley, VP of Sales for the Americas. “They waste less time doing research so they can spend more time doing something they are really good at, selling.”

Building a more effective, more successful, and more satisfied sales force benefits everyone involved. You are more able to get your solution into the hands of the IT organizations it will benefit. Your sales force will be internally motivated and excited to face each new day. Your sales will increase and your CEO will smile and thump you on the back when you pass in the hallway. That is a pretty good investment, wouldn’t you say?

Learn more about how Avecto reduced their research time by 60% and increased worker satisfaction by employing the right IT date intelligence provider.

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