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It may be peak summer, but your sales wins may be experiencing a disappointing lull.

While rest of the world is off having three-day weekends, multi-week vacations, camping trips, and beach excursions, B2B sales pros are getting those annoying, automatic out-of-office replies from their target contacts – lots and lots of them.

There’s no question: a mid-summer out-of-office reply is frustrating. This is especially true if said contact – who may be your only contact at a target account – skips town to enjoy their summer vacation for weeks at a time, and all progress toward a deal comes to a screeching halt.

Time is money, especially when you’re making every effort to move your end-of-summer deals along. So we snagged our very own Senior Account Executive, Dion GeBorde, for a few good sales enablement tips to move your deals along quickly.

How to rebound from the summer sales slump

1.     Leverage the OOO reply

Odds are high that your OOO reply includes an alternate contact. This can work in your favor, if you play it right.

First, check to see if the person referenced is inside the chain of decision makers for your cycle. If not, you may end up getting shut down before you get started. If they are going to be involved in the sales cycle, reach out and build groundswell with them.

Pro-Tip: Out-of-office replies often contain valuable data to help you contact other decision makers within an account! For instance, a tool like LeadGnome lets you mine leads from automated email messages (including out-of-office replies) to build your in-house contact database.

2.     Work your entire pipeline

At DiscoverOrg, any one of our Account Executives have more than 100 opportunities in their pipeline at any given time.

We know more than anyone that it’s easy to get tunnel vision and only focus on your biggest five to ten opportunities. When that summer lull happens, it’s time to shift your focus to some of your neglected prospects. Your pipeline might surprise you.

3.     Jump on new opportunities

The research is overwhelming, in the B2B sales world good things DO NOT come to those who wait. A Forrester report explains that the sales person who makes the first contact with a prospect sees 70% close rate. If that’s not enough to convince you, InsideSales uncovered that 50% of ALL sales opportunities go to the first sales person to make contact with a prospect.

Translation? Get there before your competitors (who might also be on a beach somewhere). Always be gathering intelligence – whether through news alerts or a sales intelligence platform – on your targeted accounts to identify key selling opportunities such as leadership moves, current projects or new spending initiatives.

Bypass the Summer Slump all Together

Never leave a deal in the hands of a single contact.

Looping in all stakeholders from the beginning not only helps to shorten the sales cycle, but it eliminates the chance of a single point of failure (which can happen when your only contact is on vacation). Start talking to someone else immediately. Use the company’s org chart to identify who else might be involved in the decision or be a good champion for your solution. The truth is that regardless of the account, there is always another contact to get involved.

Fall is Just Around the Corner. Are You Ready?

Don’t let the end-of-summer slump get you down. Start setting yourself up for success NOW and experience earth-shattering sales wins in Q4.

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