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Leveraging a small team for effective and aggressive growth requires cracking into some key elements to maximize effectiveness. The more ways you can empower them, the more successful they will be. So what does a small sales team need to perform large feats of success?

Get Through the Outer Shell With a Data Intelligence Solution

Do you ever get those tough to peel eggs? You have to pick off each piece of shell individually and still shell just does not want to come off. This is how the sales effort can be. Sometimes, the organization’s outer shell comes off in one easy piece, but more times than not – it requires the dedication and patience to pick and pick before you can get at the egg.

The lead up to the pitch is incredibly time consuming and takes a toll on the sales team – but the impact is most acutely felt when the teams are lean and the goals are aggressive. On average, the process of pinpointing a target company, finding a person or title within the organization you would like to speak to and trying to get through the organization’s “shell” to reach that person can take over a third of sales peoples’ time.

One of our clients, ForeScout was faced with just this challenge. Running with a lean sales group, they needed to increase the sales effectiveness of each team member to maximize the time they were pitching to their ideal customers. They decided to outsource the “peel time” and skip right to the egg by employing a powerful data intelligence solution.

If your business is wasting too much time to get through the outer shell of your target organizations and would like to increase the percentage of time you are having productive conversations with ideal prospects, you will want to read on to hear about how the right set of data intelligence tools can get you into those conversations faster and more often.

The Ability to Target and Reach Their Ideal Customers

By employing a data intelligence solution, the groundwork for a successful sales team is already laid out. The difference between traditional data sources and a real data intelligence solution is huge. The data intelligence solution enables you to confidently lay out your approach strategy to a target with the knowledge that you have reliable direct dials for your targets within the organization. Using the right data intelligence solution will empower you to build a call list of ideal contacts – people who have responsibility for your specific technology within their organization, and dial them directly. Your sales reps will spend their time having conversations with real prospects, not with gatekeepers and middle men.

Our client, Forescout leveraged this power to their best advantage, “Having so many direct dials enables a sales team to greatly improve their effectiveness. Being able to dial and reach the right people and have a conversation is key,” said Matt Wheeler, Senior Manager of Inside Sales Development.

Having a powerful database of accurate company information give you the power to build your sales organization around the potential revealed by a powerful data intelligence solution. An inside sales rep can be assigned a couple of thousand customers, chosen by verticals with the highest potential for success, targeting the most likely titles and really target for success. Having this level of data enables you to filter out the lower potential companies and really focus on the high value prospects.

Automate Delivery of Project and Opportunity Information

Opportunity is said to favor those who come prepared. Being armed with accurate real-time data of upcoming projects and high level IT executive changes, can serve as a conversation starter or give you inside information as good as if the organization called and asked for a demonstration of your solution. The power to get your foot in the door before your competition even knows there has been a change can supercharge your sales efforts. These are openings that DiscoverOrg’s Triggers can provide.

Invite the Decision Makers Into the Discussion at the Right Moment

In addition to having direct dial information, and inside tips about ongoing projects, another big differentiators a good data intelligence solution can deliver is visibility into your prospect company’s organizational chart. You can approach a contact with the ability to see not just your contact but the reporting structure above and below them. Using this information you can work up the chain of command at your pace, bringing decision makers into the process when you think the time is right without having to wait for your contacts to give you access to those contacts. You have the visibility to contact managers of other departments and take opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell throughout the organization.

The technology sector is highly competitive but armed with the best data intelligence solution,  even the leanest of sales teams to produce maximum results.

Learn more about how ForeScout maximized their sales team’s effectiveness and productivity and increased their opportunities by 35% by implementing the best IT intelligence provider.

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