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Everyone wants their organization to be at the top of their field – but getting there (and staying there) are not easy to accomplish. When your organization is striving to rise to the top, you might look around and find yourself wondering “what are those guys doing that I am not?” You have made investments in people and tools, but are you using them to the fullest extent?

The top players may have an advantage that you are not seeing – they are using the same toolset, but may be relying on some tools you might not have noticed – they are getting the most out of their people and their data by being innovative.

Be an Innovator:

The first key to being top dog is being an innovator. Customers sometimes come to us already knowing that they want to benefit from our incredibly accurate datasets. But then they are surprised by how some lesser known aspects of our toolset allow them to maintain their position at the top. The Global Knowledge Managers at one of our customers, a well-known executive recruiting firm, recently said of our product, “If there’s any company using all aspects of DiscoverOrg, it is us. We find more people using DiscoverOrg than we would using any other resource.”

Knowing that you will be facing fierce competition, it is essential that you employ the best tools to be successful. The connected economy has changed the pace of business forever – so using the most effective and efficient tools to get to prospects becomes a key success factor. You do not want to be still doing background research while your competition is taking your prospects golfing.

Create the Best Product Available:

By creating the most comprehensive, innovative sales enablement toolset available, DiscoverOrg has also risen to the top. Some of the lesser known tools in our toolset might give your team the edge you need to reach prospects first with the knowledge to offer them a solution that fits their current needs.

The DiscoverOrg toolset is full of gems that the most innovative companies use to make it work for them even more effectively – giving your sales teams the ability to get what they need and get in front of prospects faster, and with greater intelligence. So, how can you get the most out of our data intelligence solution?

Use the fab 5 features, but don’t stop there – take the benefit of some of these lesser known features and soon enough your competition will be wondering how to be as successful as you.

The Fab 5:

  • IT Org Charts – Detailed visual maps of the hierarchical decision-making structure of over 17,000 companies that we profile including direct contact information.
  • Triggers – Subscribe to notices with actionable intelligence on your prospects’ new projects, leadership changes and other interesting tidbits that have been gathered by our in-house research team. These also provide notices that you schedule, which alert you about changes based on your criteria or your favorite searches, like new Director of Security at companies using a specific technology.
  • Tech Background – Our datasets include details about what technologies companies are employing and which individuals are responsible for specific technologies
  • Targeted Keyword Search – Our robust search engine gives users the ability to search on very specific criteria so that you can filter though thousands of prospects to find those with the highest likelihood to purchase.

Although the DiscoverOrg datasets and the tools above will help you give you a big advantage in your sales process, some of these lesser-known tools may give you the strategic edge you need:

  • ListMatch – can turn your incomplete lead or trade show registration forms into full blown prospect contact lists in seconds giving you the ability to further segment the list based on titles, technology or other criteria.
  • Salesforce.com Integration and App – not only can your reps use DiscoverOrg to directly append and clean their records, seamlessly move DiscoverOrg records into Salesforce with the click of a button, but our DiscoverOrg for Salesforce.com app, available in the Salesforce.com AppExchange gives users the full functionality of DiscoverOrg sitting natively inside your Salesforce.
  • Marketo Webhooks – when a trigger event happens, DiscoverOrg can find any related lead or account in our databases and populate all available fields right inside Marketo.

Being top dog depends on not only getting the best tools, but using the best that those tools have to offer. Our executive recruiting customer stays at the top of their game by being innovative and using all of the tools at their fingertips.  They tell us, “This is the best IT Sales intelligence, literally, on the market. We cannot do our jobs without DiscoverOrg.”

This executive recruiting customer realized over 4,000% return on investment during the first year using DiscoverOrg’s data intelligence solution. Learn how DiscoverOrg can help your organization get that kind of results.

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