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IT sales experts should be alerted to a key management change at TE Connectivity where Joseph (Joe) F. Eckroth, Jr. has been named Chief Information Officer. Eckroth joins TE Connectivity from Hertz Holdings, where he served as CIO & VP, Global Customer Care. Eckroth will replace retiring 17-year CIO Ronald Vance at the end of the year.

A manufacturer of electronic connections for industry, TE Connectivity is looking forward to tapping into Eckroth’s depth and diversity of experience.  TE Connectivity Chairman and CEO Tom Lynch noted “Joe’s experience delivering innovative customer-facing solutions will be a key asset and aligns well with our mission to continually deliver extraordinary experiences to our customers.”

Signaling Focus on Innovation

Eckroth joins TE Connectivity following a 5-year stint Executive VP of Global Customer Care and Chief Information Officer for Hertz. Prior to Hertz, Eckroth served as Executive Vice President and COO of New Century Financial and as Chief Information Officer for Mattel and two of General Electric’s business units.

Eckroth has a reputation for introducing innovative solutions during his tenure at Hertz, where he spearheaded efforts to automate the car rental process, create efficiencies and introduce self-service systems and processes. Eckroth successfully spearheaded an initiative to introduced remotely staffed video kiosks at airport Hertz rental locations. DiscoverOrg’s analysts will keep an eye out for similar projects being launched at TE Connectivity.

Why Use Scoops

If you’re in IT sales and you are not using tools to alert you to these types of buying scoops, why not?  This management change is just one example of the kind of signal you can use to accelerate the sales cycle – they provide golden opportunities to quickly get in front of key decision makers.

Research shows you are 10 times more likely to win the business when there is a change in decision makers. Go ahead and pluck the low lying fruit.


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