“A good curator is an information chemist,” says blogger and technology evangelist Robert Scoble. “He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule. Then adds value to that molecule.”

There are a lot of online information options for marketing and sales professionals. Here are our favorite go-to bloggers (aka “alchemists”) who follow the cutting edge of digital marketing – and know how to write about it!

Each of these blogs addresses a different area of focus for B2B bloggers – so be sure to bookmark them all!

  1. Backlinko: For SEO

best B2B marketing blogs

Backlinko, founded by Brian Dean, is a must-read SEO guide for actionable, evidence-based advice on creating and optimizing content for search.


Case in point: four top posts on his blog right now are:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: The Definitive Guide
  • 17 Ways to Get More YouTube Views (Works GREAT In 2019)
  • How I Increased My Traffic By 110% In 14 Days
  • How to Rank on Page 1 of Google Fast

There’s a reason one client describes him as a “unicorn among a sea of donkey SEOs.”

2. Content Marketing Institute: For content marketing

great content marketing blog for B2B marketersThis blog is 100% focused on the craft. You’ll find tips on how to optimize old content, storytelling tips, the latest KPIs to understand how your content is performing – all focused on producing a tight writing deliverable.


For those of us marketers who come to the craft from a creative writing background, this one is especially appealing.

Recent posts:

  • How to Make the Content Marketing Case With ROI
  • 7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions
  • Burger King Teaches You How to Do Cause Marketing Wrong

3. Hubspot: For all things inbound

great content marketing blog for B2B marketers HubSpot, the king of inbound marketing, basically invented the idea of using a blog to grow your business. As a result, this is one of the most popular blogs about marketing on the internet.


Deeply tactical, the blog offers smart coverage of literally every marketing and sales topic you need to know in order to boost company growth. It works with hundreds of contributors to create this coverage, which is both actionable and detailed, featuring scores of helpful tutorials and templates.

Recent Posts:

  • The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know
  • The 24 Best Sales Management Books Every Sales Manager Should Read
  • 8 Steps to Building a Strong Customer Success Team

4. Marketo: For channel-specific marketing tips

best blog for inbound B2B marketingThe Marketo blog, which generates content for both B2B and B2C marketers, is full of practical and easy-to-digest tips for professionals at every level. It posts approximately 25 stories per month across 29 marketing categories, ranging from account-based marketing to testing and optimization, offering an endless library of free resources to help you do your job.


Complementing the main blog is Marketo’s CMONation, which focuses specifically on the enterprise executive marketer. Topics here are organized into three core categories for the senior marketer: insightful articles, conversations with CMOs and downloadable research and resources.

Recent Posts:

  • What CMOs Need to Know About Marketing Automation
  • 4 Signs Your Experiential Marketing Lacks Purpose
  • 3 Strategies to Create Customer Intimacy at Scale

5. Portent: for SEM and SEO

boost conversion rates with blog marketing adviceAs a digital marketing agency, Portent is an expert across a comprehensive range of digital marketing categories, from SEO and Pay-Per-Click to digital content design/development and analytics.


This experience is channeled straight into its blog, where marketers can find practical advice on how to write great content, build white-hat links, track micro-conversions, identify the best digital channels for ad campaigns, advertise on podcasts and employ advanced SEO techniques.

This is a blog by marketers, for marketers, and especially those who want to stay up to speed on the latest digital marketing trends and practices.

Recent Posts:

  • How to Write a Great Product Description Page
  • Do I Need to Be Using a Tag Management Solution?
  • Why Your Average Cost Per Click Is So High and How to Manage It

6. B2B Marketing Directions: Marketing thought leadership

great blog for B2B specific marketingB2B Marketing Directions is a hidden gem. The site itself doesn’t look like it’s changed much since the MySpace days – but author G. David Dodd has been publishing top-notch marketing advice at the rate of 50 posts per year since 2010.


We love it because of the sheer depth of content – plus, it’s specific to B2B marketing.

Recent Posts:

  • New Research Highlights Personalization, Privacy, and Customer Experience Performance
  • New Insights on Real-World ABM Strategies and Practices
  • The Growing Personalization Conundrum for Marketers

7. Neil Patel: For increasing rankings

learn about SEO and boost rankings with this blogNeil Patel, widely recognized as an SEO pioneer, probably doesn’t need a lot of introduction.


The breadth of his knowledge is extensive, and this is reflected in his blog, where he covers everything from SEO, content marketing and conversion rate optimization to paid ads, email marketing and social media.

Through usable, actionable insights – and step by step explanations for easy implementation — issued through how-to videos, written posts and podcasts, Patel gives B2B marketers a full arsenal to increase traffic, leads and sales.

Recent Posts:

  • 3 Tactics To Instantly Gain More B2B Leads
  • How to Create a B2B Content Strategy
  • 7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

These 7 alchemists combine insights for us B2B marketers to stay on top of our game. Ranking and engagement factors change so quickly, modern marketers need to continually educate themselves – and these 7 blogs are great go-to resources to bookmark.

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