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TOPO recently teamed up with Cloudera to report on the innovative and effective sales strategy that has brought incredible success to the enterprise analytic data management company. With today’s busy buyer requiring an average of 22.5 dials to connect, Cloudera saw an immediate need to scrap the old sales process, and create their own.

The effective outbound process, termed “Account-Based Sales Development” by Cloudera, is focused around highly-relevant SDR campaigns into specific target accounts. Following the implementation of their new sales program (documented in a recent TOPO blog), the company has seen a 20% increase in SQLs generated, 60% email open rate, and an unheard of email response rate of 31%! All this in the most coveted, but also most difficult to penetrate, $1B+ enterprise segment.

In order to successfully implement an Account-Based Sales Development process, Cloudera has utilized top sales enablement tools such as LeanData to create master accounts as well as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and DiscoverOrg to build a list of contacts at these target accounts.

Key takeaways from TOPO’s report on Cloudera’s success include:

  • The traditional numbers game of having SDRs produce a large quantity of un-customized dials and emails fails to achieve results in enterprise outreach.
  • Advances in the SDR technology stack enable organizations to run target account outreach more efficiently than ever before.
  • Buyer-centric messaging customized to each individual account and buyer provides significant lift in email conversion rates.
  • Selecting the right contact data provider is essential for executing enterprise outreach programs.

Read the full report here.




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