Knowing the technology stack of your prospect is an important piece of marketing and sales intelligence. In fact, the tech stack isn’t just part of competitive intelligence – it’s the critical heart.

In order to target the right prospects with relevant talking points, this information is key. Other other critical piece of competitive intelligence? Timing.

Reaching out to a prospect with helpful, relevant information – at the very moment they want it – is how business is won.

How does the tech stack fit into competitive intelligence?

You’ve probably heard the term “tech stack”: The combination of software products that comprise a company’s installed technologies.

The sales tech stack includes such basics as email platform and the operating system, as well as your database, apps, and programming languages. For our purposes, this also includes integrated sales and marketing technologies such as Salesforce, Frontspin, Outreach, and Marketo.

So why is this information important – and the sooner in the sales cycle, the better?

Creating opportunity

Many companies have no opportunity to sell into an account unless a specific technology is present. For example, a sales person could not sell on-premise data center technologies to someone who only uses AWS. You would not sell Apple accessories into a company that only uses Windows PCs.

Often, installed technologies – or lack thereof – make or break an opportunity.

Targeted displacement campaigns

Using competitive intelligence, marketing can direct targeted displacement campaigns toward decision makers:

  • Challenge the effectiveness of the current competitor technology in place
  • Invite decision makers and influencers to an event
  • Differentiate your offering from your competition
  • Start a targeted email drip campaign to keep your company top of mind

A timely talking point

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsIntegration with a prospect’s tech stack is a great talking point. A competitor’s lack of integration is a also great talking point. The presence – or absence – of a technology is always an opportunity for a sale.

If your offering integrates with your prospect’s tech stack, it’s not a matter of whether a prospect can use a solution like yours: They can, and they do.

Sales just need to convince them to make the switch.

Knowing where your competition is installed creates an automatic prospect.

DiscoverOrg’s proprietary technology uncovers companies’ technology stack, verified by our own in-house research team.

DiscoverOrg profiles over 6 million technology pairings in the categories of Enterprise Applications, Hardware/OS/Systems Environment, Virtualization, Security, Networking, and many more.

True sales intelligence includes installed technology data.

Intent data: a competitive intelligence must-have

Understanding prospects’ and competitors’ technology stack is important – but it’s Intent data that prompts timely outreach.


If sales and marketing intelligence is a Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Intent data is at the very top:

  1. Fit data is the primary, basic requirement: The right contact at the right company
  2. Opportunity data means favorable conditions, such as a funding event or a new CXO
  3. Intent data is near-realtime information about a prospect’s intent, such as a flurry of web searches, or multiple content downloads on a particular topic

Intent and Opportunity data are hallmarks of sales intelligence, and they’re not part of a standard, raw data offering. Intent data is an interpretation of implied pain points, and it provides a stark advantage against a competitor: timing.

See how to get truly predictive results from Fit + Opportunity + Intent data.

Competitive intelligence at the right time

Timing is everything.

Sales and marketing professionals know this well. The perfect solution and access to the perfect prospect means nothing if the timing isn’t also perfect.

We may not know exactly what keep an individual target prospect up at night.

But if we know that her company’s Director of IT Infrastructure recently left; that she declined to renew a contact with their current cloud storage provider; that the #1 web search at her company is for “information security” … Well, we can make an educated guess!

Intent data can also alert you when a competitive contract is about to expire.

Selling to CXO - job title prospect insight reportThis information is gold, as timelines are a key factor in winning deals. Renewal dates are an opportunity for a company to assess the reasons to renew – and the reasons not to renew. With this information, you can easily develop a talk track that speaks to your strengths as compared to the competition.

Competitive intelligence is not about beating the competition with bells and whistles. With marketing and sales intelligence in hand, competitive intelligence is about making a well-timed, well-informed approach that solves a real problem.

It’s about context.

Competitive intelligence is really just … being intelligent.

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Phillip Sundal
About the author

Phillip Sundal

Phillip Sundal currently works for DiscoverOrg as the Product Marketing Manager where he oversees various marketing programs, manages the go-to-market strategy for new product launches, and continuously gathers feedback from the marketplace to guide the product development roadmap. Phillip has a B.S. in Marketing and Social Theory from the Carson Business College at WSU.