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If you’re in the corporate recruiting industry, have you noticed that the pace of change in the market is difficult to keep up with? Have you wondered why? It’s a lack of access to good data.

It’s true.

Three out of four recruiters understand the importance of using data in recruiting – yet less than 10% of them feel they are capitalizing on the opportunity.

Now that’s an industry ripe for growth.

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Here’s more:

The numbers don’t lie. Successful corporate recruiters are incorporating strategies more often associated with sales and marketing, to build their books and meet their quota.

Making calls and giving pitches- sound familiar? Shane Fanini, a technical recruiter for New Penn Financial (and happy DiscoverOrg client), sees another parallel: “That first moment that you get them on the phone, I’d say it’s almost more like sales. It’s so competitive out there.”

So let’s get this straight: Corporate Recruiting is becoming more like sales and marketing.

HR professionals recognize the need to use data more often in recruiting. Yet only a small number of corporate recruiters are leveraging marketing and sales intelligence tools to be more effective.

How can corporate recruiting adapt to changing priorities?

We have a few predictions:

  1. Recruiters are going to realize that simply using LinkedIn isn’t enough. If you’re a corporate recruiter and you’re using LinkedIn, you aren’t gaining a leg up on anyone. Surveys show that 97% of recruiters are using it to look for candidates.
  2. Recruiters will need something to take their outreach to a new level. We also believe that an increased emphasis will be placed on reaching passive candidates at the right time to fill the funnel and shorten recruiting cycles.
  3. Recruiters will begin to use tools that alert recruiters to organizational shakeups or mass layoffs. This will enable them to engage candidates as soon as possible, often making contact before staffing firms or competitors.

Our data solves all sorts of problems for our customers in sales and marketing. The same holds true for our those in corporate recruiting.

In fact, over 40% of corporate recruiters don’t call passive candidates because they don’t have their phone number. (Guess who has those numbers?)

That’s just one way our data can solve the problems facing modern-day corporate recruiters. Don’t believe us? Take a look at all of the stats in our brand-new infographic to get a feel for how many challenges facing recruiters can be solved with good data.


Corporate Recruiting Infographic: Images demonstrating how corporate recruiters can use data to find candidates.


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