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Love is in the Air. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby.

Did you know there are over 1,200 songs with the word love in the title? It is one of the most common words used in the English language (and one of the most popular emojis!). It is pretty powerful.

Around this time every year, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the collective world starts thinking about love. Love comes from really understanding someone else that we care about, whether that’s our family, spouse, a pet … or a sales intelligence tool.

DiscoverOrg loves our customers. And our customers – like Alicia Young, Manager of Sales Development at Panoply – love DiscoverOrg.

Why? We’re more than just a data provider. We’re a data partner.

We want to build a personal relationship with our customers, helping them succeed beyond their use of DiscoverOrg. When a customer crushes their sales goals, we’re proud for them. When a customer has a successful product launch, we’re excited for them.

But it takes work. It takes care. And most important, it takes understanding.

That’s why we created DiscoverOrg Certification for Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting. Learning best practices for using your B2B data can help you truly fall in love with it – Just like it did for Alicia.

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Why do users love DiscoverOrg?

Alicia: I started using DiscoverOrg on and off beginning in 2014. I fell in love with it and have kept in touch with my sales rep (Sean Duncan). In my previous role, I used DiscoverOrg in every capacity. And I mean, literally every capacity. I used DiscoverOrg to develop outbound campaigns, to get a foot in the door to large enterprise accounts, to get into cold accounts that I had not been able to break into before, and to do strategic account-based marketing. I even used it to send care packages to specific people at specific companies, and to send thank you notes to CEOs!

When I say love – I mean LOVE. It provided me accurate data so I could have stronger conversations with qualified prospects. I love that everything is at my fingertips – a prospect’s firmographics, their tech stack, employee listing, what they buy, their budget, and ways to reach out to them.

I come to the table ready, and I walk away with a good conversation because DiscoverOrg enabled me to be prepared.

I love the sophistication of the platform and the integrations offered, especially with Salesforce. I love that it is easy to use. I can jump in, get what I need, and get on a call.

The bigger question is “How can you not love DiscoverOrg?”

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Why is certification helpful?

Tom: I love that! I myself am a data nerd. I love using data to make better decisions. So hearing you talk about your love of accurate data makes me smile. But you took it a step further. Being a power user, you obviously know the platform … but what made you decide to become DiscoverOrg Certified?


Alicia: Being proficient wasn’t enough. I wanted to be an expert. Certification allowed me to be more successful in my role. Also, what’s not to love about logging in, completing self-paced modules, and then becoming a certified user – something I can put to use right away and put on my resume for the future?

Tom: Let’s dive into that a bit. You became an expert. You were able to get certified. Did it have an immediate impact on you job? Did you get a quick win because you became certified?

Alicia: Yes. I was tasked with breaking into a very specific large enterprise company. I was mapping out the company hierarchy using LinkedIn and their website. I was literally doing it by hand. Then I found DiscoverOrg (or rather, DiscoverOrg found me), and I was IN. The company I was profiling was at my fingertips, and I was in love.

I quickly became certified and built one of the largest pipelines ever in my career – 30% more qualified deals at the enterprise level! And with the help of the certification, I learned how to leverage it quickly.

Tom: You have no idea how thrilled that makes me. When I hear that one of our best customers saw her pipeline grow by 30% because she uses DiscoverOrg and became certified, it shows the relationship we are building with you is paying off for both of us. We have become your partner.

We want all of our customers to get certified. What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming DiscoverOrg Certified?

Alicia: JUST DO IT! It is easy. It doesn’t take a lot of time. And after you complete it, you will know exactly what to do next: No more time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram wasting time with nothing to show for it. You will fall in love with DiscoverOrg, and quite possibly close your largest deal ever.

Now, that’s love!


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Tom Studdert

Tom Studdert is the VP of Learning & Development at DiscoverOrg, where he oversees new employee onboarding and training. Prior to his time at DiscoverOrg, he worked for over 17 years at several institutions of higher education in various roles within Student Affairs, including most recently the Assistant Dean of Students at Texas Christian University. Tom has three degrees in education, including his Ed.D. from the University of Southern California. In his spare time, he loves to swim, run, and travel (with his favorite destination being back home in Arizona with his family.)