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The Importance of Data Hygiene

As we enter Q4, the pressure on outbound marketing efforts is high. This being the most critical quarter for most business, your year-end marketing initiatives need to produce results. So now more than ever you depend on data hygiene and quality. How confident are you that you have good leads? Are your contact records up-to-date, clean and ready for your outbound push? Have you and your sales team been too busy this year to keep up with it? Do you think it might be in shambles?

If you knew that your data had been fully scrubbed and updated within the past 90 days, would you be more confident of success? Companies that rely on sales people alone to maintain data can expect that up to 30 percent of a sales person’s time will be spent on efforts to produce new accurate and complete information. Can any organization afford to devote those sales cycles to clean data? Isn’t there a less costly and more reliable way?

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Dig Up Your Dirty Data

Now you’re thinking, how critical is data hygiene to program success? Consider that in 2011, 48 million people changed jobs. Added to that, where much of the contact data comes from web inquiry forms, many IT decision makers admit that they may not use an accurate business email address when completing the registration process. Unreliable data gathered from inbound marketing exposes companies to high risks when initiating outbound marketing programs from high bounce rates and damaging the organization’s reputation to falling short of revenue targets because you could not reach your intended contacts. DiscoverOrg actually did its own study on the costs of bad data: data decays at a rate of, at least, 30% a year and each inaccurate contact costs you an average of $11! Imagine how much that could add up to! It is time to consider letting sales teams focus on prospect engagement and revenue while assigning data experts the job of data hygiene.

How important is clean data to successful campaigns? The impact of clean data cannot be understated. It is estimated that marketing programs instituted where regular data hygiene is employed result in a four-fold increase in leads compared to programs run with stale data. 

DiscoverOrg: The Fast Path to Clean Data

Using a dedicated team of researchers, DiscoverOrg produces the industry’s most updated, accurate and comprehensive data sets available. With apps that integrate directly into the most popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, DiscoverOrg subscribers have a constantly refreshed database with current names, titles, direct dial phone numbers, and verified email addresses. You can save valuable time and over-deliver on your campaigns.  Wouldn’t that make you sleep well at night?

No organization can afford to run ineffective outbound marketing campaigns.  Implementing data hygiene management may be the most effective success strategy you employ this year. Want to learn more about cleaning and appending your data?


New Append & Clean Enhancement to the DiscoverOrg Marketo Connector

DiscoverOrg’s Marketo Connector syncs our top-of-the-line, human-verified data with leading marketing automation and CRM solution Marketo. The Append & Clean Enhancement allows you to:

  • Configure what data points are added and updated, how often they are refreshed, and how updates are handled
  • Automatically scan a list in Marketo for newly created leads to cleanse and enrich
  • Populate blank fields – if you don’t wish to overwrite values
  • Cleanse data by overwriting outdated or incorrectly entered data points
  • Upload leads from DiscoverOrg to Marketo individually or in bulk
  • Cleanse email addresses and improve deliverability by comparing your database to DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced email addresses

Read more on the Marketo Connector Enhancement from our Vice President of Product Management & Product Marketing 

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