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Last week, Denny’s Corporation announced the promotion of Marketing VP, John Dillon, to Chief Marketing Officer, where he will take on an expanded Marketing leadership role. Dillon succeeds Frances Allen, who resigned in September. Dillon’s promotion was part of a Brand Leadership restructuring which also involved Chris Bode being promoted to Chief Operating Officer and a newly created Chief People Officer position being filled by Jill Van Pelt.

America’s Diner

Denny’s Corporation is one of the largest franchised full-service restaurant chains in the United States with nearly 2,000 franchised, licensed, and company restaurants with a collective $2.5 billion in sales. Under the new leadership team, Denny’s hopes to improve restaurant reviews and guest satisfaction, continue the brand’s ongoing revitalization, and improve internal communications.

“Chris, John, and Jill have all contributed to Denny’s success in a meaningful way, further revitalizing America’s Diner by leading key initiatives in our plan to drive improvements across our food, service and atmosphere,” Chief Executive Officer, John Miller said, “We look forward to leveraging their leadership and respective expertise to strengthen the Denny’s brand and foster future growth of our leading family-dining chain.”

Marketing Expert

Dillon has been with Denny’s since 2007 and has led several strategic marketing efforts. He was responsible for the development of a Value Menu and current positioning as “America’s Diner.” Prior to joining Denny’s, Dillon served as Vice President of Marketing for the Houston Rockets and Director of Marketing, Insights, and Strategy for Pizza Hut. Moving forward, Dillon will be responsible for marketing and branding efforts to increase sales, profitability, and value for Denny’s.

CMO and CIO Collaboration

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing relationship between the CMO and the CIO within large companies. As their priorities and goals become more intertwined, the Marketing and IT departments are collaborating more and more frequently. Accenture found in a 2014 survey that top IT and marketing execs both agree on the top five Marketing IT priorities: customer experience, customer analytics, social media, corporate website, and other web application development. As Denny’s works to improve customer experience and revitalize the brand, you can count on IT being involved. What does this mean for you? Decision makers are no longer sitting in one department. Start your pitch off strong by looping in all the right people from the very beginning. With DiscoverOrg’s new Marketing Department Dataset, you’ll have all the Marketing contacts you need to ensure you’re talking with the right people.

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