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How DiscoverOrg’s Growth Boosts the B2B Sales Landscape

At DiscoverOrg, growth is the theme of 2015. As we expand, we are helping more business-to-business companies across the globe generate sales, compete, and grow.

This year, DiscoverOrg saw significant advancements in its workforce, physical locations, data insight, product development, and market share. In the process, we are creating jobs, establishing a stronger presence, and delivering more product value to customers.

As DiscoverOrg succeeds, we are primed to level the playing field in business-to-business sales and marketing … to help small companies grow into big companies … to create a global revolution in B2B sales.

Since its inception, DiscoverOrg has seen substantial interest from sales executives, marketers, and staffing professionals in need of accurate, timely sales intel and data insight.

Companies are using DiscoverOrg’s software as a service (SaaS) to locate and cultivate sales prospects. Since the start of 2015:

  • Customer accounts increased 36 percent.
  • Platform users increased by 17 percent.
  • Search queries in our platform increased from 721,862 in 2014 to 733,277 in 2015.

More and more professionals are relying on our data to find, connect, and sell to their target customers.

But how did we get here?

DiscoverOrg co-founders Henry Schuck and Kirk Brown became acquainted back in the early 2000s while working together at iProfile, a pioneer sales intelligence provider. DiscoverOrg was founded in 2007, and soon, Henry and Kirk’s former employer became a top competitor.

In 2015, a major milestone and full-circle event occurred: DiscoverOrg acquired rival iProfile.

With the acquisition came expanded data in international markets; and now, we are the first global sales intelligence provider. Our datasets now include broader coverage in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

As sales grow, so does DiscoverOrg. As our data collection and customer accounts increase, our company is currently one of the fastest-growing companies in America and was recognized in 2015 on the Inc. 5000 and Deloitte’s 2015 Technology Fast 500.

In the upcoming year (our ninth!), we are focusing on three major developments: strategic hires, our physical presence, and greater data insight for our customers.

The People

At DiscoverOrg, recruiting talent from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond is a top priority. Based in Vancouver, Washington, our company is hiring rapidly, as our research and sales teams need employee support to meet customer demand. This year, we embarked on a hiring initiative to increase staff and this will continue in 2016.

In 2015, DiscoverOrg hired 93 new employees, increasing 85 percent in only one year. Since 2007, we have grown from three employees to 203. Since data accuracy is a top focus, a large number of new employees are joining the research team.

Among the new hires are top talents: David Sill, Senior Vice President of Customer Success, who focuses on service quality, support and customer advocacy programs; and John Gardiner, Chief Financial Officer, who brings SaaS leadership, accounting, and development experience to the role.

Also at the helm of DiscoverOrg are new members of the Board of Directors who have extensive experience growing data and technology companies: Charles Rutstein, CEO of RISI and former COO of Forrester Research; Brian V. Turner, former CFO of four public companies including Coinstar Inc. (now Outerwall) and RealNetworks; and Randall Winn, managing member of FiveW Capital as well as founder and former CEO of Capital IQ.

With new talent and diverse skillsets, our company culture is rapidly evolving in the right direction.

The Place

For DiscoverOrg, downtown Vancouver is home and the location is strategic.

During 2015, DiscoverOrg relocated to a prominent building in downtown Vancouver at 805 Broadway, occupying the entire ninth floor and part of the eighth floor. With access to 27,000 square feet, our new space and open layout allow for more collaboration and room to expand as we hire more employees. We are already seeing enhanced cross-team partnerships and projects as a result.

Beyond adding jobs in Washington, our location also attracts top talent from Portland, Oregon, which is only a 20-minute drive.

The office truly feels like the Pacific Northwest, with a panoramic view of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Saint Helens, and the Columbia River. The neighborhood is conveniently nestled near coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shops, and parks. And our new building sign brands DiscoverOrg in the skyline, visible from I-5.

Every detail contributes to the company’s emerging presence in the Northwest.

Beyond this, we also opened offices in other parts of the country, such as Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Market Position

With the acquisition of iProfile, DiscoverOrg is offering even more data than ever before. The new data points, all verified for accuracy before becoming live records in our sales intelligence platform, support the growth of a more holistic and comprehensive database for our customers. And the company is becoming more competitive.

What makes DiscoverOrg different is the breadth and depth of intel it provides; our teams are researching and verifying information by hand. The volume of quality data we provide yields high demand to recruit more employees, particularly researchers (hence, the hiring spree).

Our platform’s database has grown more than 50 percent within 2015. This includes IT datasets, marketing datasets and finance datasets with organizational charts and accurate contact information for prospects. Just this year, the marketing dataset has grown roughly 85 percent. Our team also introduced the finance dataset and an EU dataset, which have become a market advantage. To maintain data accuracy, we invested in scaling our in-house research team, who manually verify datasets, organizational charts, and contact information.

As for new services, we recently launched OppAlerts, designed to predict customer purchase intent based on known spikes in online content consumption and help companies target future buyers.

More platform perks, datasets, and integrations are in development for release in 2016, including: a new, responsive platform design; a new product development dataset; an updated Google Chrome Extension; and an updated, “Lightening Ready” Salesforce Native App.

In recent years, DiscoverOrg has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and the region, according to Inc. 5000, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, Puget Sound Business Journal and Portland Business Journal. Also this year, our CEO Henry Schuck was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and he won Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s 2015 Growth Stage Award.

The future looks bright at DiscoverOrg. Our company is positioned for growth in 2016, which leads to more B2B sales for our burgeoning customer base. We look forward to continued success in the new year. For insight on more developments, visit our newsroom.


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