On February 28th, 2017, Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) felt a healthy dose of reality as its simple storage service, or S3, went down for roughly 4-5 hours.  The outage took out a substantial portion of the Internet.  This isn’t the first-time AWS has had significant issues (in 2013 the same Northern Virginia datacenter caused a disruption lasting an hour) but the outage is certainly the largest and most impactful.

Companies choose services like Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers because they remove the need for on-site managed servers.  Instead, it puts the burden of hosting on the provider, usually in large server farms.

Some estimates put the monetary losses as high as $1,100 per second for Amazon
while others put the losses across the Internet as high as $150 million.

DiscoverOrg Survey Highlights Significant Impact to Customers and Amazon

DiscoverOrg surveyed companies impacted by the AWS outage and the responses revealed that the outage could have major ramifications for Amazon.  In the survey, 80% of companies surveyed who use Amazon Web Services stated that they were impacted by the outage and of those companies, 40% are planning to invest in other solutions to prevent future disruptions. 

The largest disruptions caused by the outage were website slowness, complete website shutdown, file import/export difficulties, and content delivery (CDN) difficulties.  In addition, the impact of the outage was felt most clearly in the computer technology and service sectors.

Alternative Solutions Being Considered

The companies surveyed confirmed a variety of alternative solutions are being investigated, evaluated, or currently pursuing.   Some of these include:

  • Better redundancies
  • Capacity deviation
  • Multi cloud failover
  • Better fail checks
  • Multiple cloud providers
  • Moving back from the cloud

Interestingly, companies have even confirmed they already have alternative solutions but the pain point is in needing to deploy them faster.

We’ll be looking at this same intelligence later this year to determine if there has been any consequential actions because of the outage.  Please contact DiscoverOrg if you are interested in learning more about those companies that were affected or just need better sales intelligence to improve your sales efforts.



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