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In 2007, we began a data revolution. We saw a need for high-quality data intelligence in the IT sales market, and we delivered. With only 5,000 mid-market contacts, we began helping sales professionals do their job more effectively by providing them with the intelligence they needed to get in touch with their prospects directly.

Fast forward 8 years, and we’re still doing the same thing. Well… sort of.

We’ve expanded to cover the IT, Finance, and Marketing departments of SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise companies in the US. We’ve also leaped across the pond and now offer our customers access to over 30,000 contacts in the European Union. We’ve optimized our products to seamlessly integrate with all of the top CRM and Marketing Automation Systems—while being named to the INC 500 list and winning a few awards along the way. And we’ve recently entered the predictive intelligence space with our newest product, OppAlerts.

We, and our customers, are loving what’s happening at DiscoverOrg these days. And with the launch of our new logo and website, we thought it was a great time to take a look back (and forward) at the makings of the top Sales Intelligence tool on the market. Below, DiscoverOrg CEO, Henry Schuck, explains where DiscoverOrg has been, and where we’re planning to go.

Q: Where are DiscoverOrg’s roots planted?

Henry: DiscoverOrg’s roots started with building out the IT department in midsized companies. Our customers loved what we did on midsized and asked for us to build out Fortune and SMB companies. The next natural transition for us was to profile the finance department at those companies as well.

In 2014, marketing was becoming more and more important in tech purchasing, and there was a burgeoning of marketing software providers. We knew our customers would want us to deliver the marketing department to them, so we did.

Last year we were hearing from a lot of our customers that they wanted to expand globally, and needed our help. We built out the European dataset slowly and carefully because we wanted to follow international data privacy laws and be Safe Harbor compliant.

Q: How has the way people are using the product now different from how they were using it back in 2007 when we started?

Henry: Nobody cared about integration in 2007. Today everything is integrated in Marketing Automation and CRM systems. Back when we started, we were just providing names, contact information, and background using case studies that were publicly available.

Today we’re providing that same high level contact information with the addition of extensive intelligence about the company, research they’re consuming, and what they’re doing online. Customers now use our database in a completely different way than they did 8 years ago. A rep can go into the database and search for contacts by company type or individual role, they can segment their lists and save their searches. They’re able to set up alerts at their top prospect companies as well as search by initiatives and location. It’s really a full-bodied sales intelligence tool now instead of just REALLY good contact data.

Q: How have our integrations changed the game for DiscoverOrg customers?

Henry: It makes it so that sales and marketing professionals can do everything in one place. Their data will stay refreshed in their CRM systems, and they can essentially live inside of Salesforce.

Q: What HASN’T changed about DiscoverOrg in the last 8 years?

Henry: Our commitment to quality data has not, and will not, change.

Q: What factors influence the decision to introduce a new dataset to the market?

Henry: Historically, we have delivered the products that our customers have asked for. When we say we think of this as a partnership, we mean it.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing you think DiscoverOrg has released?

Henry: I think the most exciting two things that we’ve released are our Salesforce integration and OppAlerts. The Salesforce integration changed the game for our customers in 2010. And OppAlerts is going to change the game for our customers in the future. The Holy Grail of B2B sales is being able to tell who the next person to buy your product will be, and that’s exactly what we’ll be able to do with OppAlerts.

Q: What can DiscoverOrg customers look forward to in the future?

Henry: Our customers can expect to see us to go global, dive into new markets, and continue to expand our intelligence around all accounts.

Our dev team is working around the clock to deliver the best experience to our customers and that all starts with the upcoming release of our brand new, incredibly user-friendly platform that we’ve affectionately named “DOrg 2”. Customers can expect to have access to the new platform in coming months.

We’re proud of what we’ve built at DiscoverOrg, and we’re committed to continuing the legacy of delivering the best sales intelligence available to our customers. Stay tuned for big things coming in the next year!

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