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More pipeline, bigger deals, massive wins … DiscoverOrg customers are total superstars!

Our mission is simple: to accelerate the pipeline and revenue growth of sales and marketing teams every day they come to work. Nothing makes us more proud than to put the spotlight on successful rockstars that are crushing it because of hard work, great skills, and awesome data.

As 2017 draws to a close, we want to put the spotlight on the sales and marketing superstars who have been using their exceptional skills + DiscoverOrg to win more deals than ever before.

1. I landed 185 more opportunities – and $36M+ in pipeline

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsI have been using @DiscoverOrg for almost 4 years. In that time I have sourced over 185 opportunities and built pipeline of more than $36M ACV ($103M TCV).

A challenge in business and sales development is ‘waiting’. Waiting for leads, lists, accounts, and the one we all love, RESPONSES.

DiscoverOrg has enabled me to take control of my career and its success. If reps don’t have an account or lead list ready, that’s ok, I’ll sift through Scoops (known company projects) and reach out to some folks. Or I can supplement accounts I’m working with new leads using the Advance Search feature. I am never without knowledge with DiscoverOrg.

DiscoverOrg is a crucial tool success in my role, but also my team and company.

Alicia (Ali) Young, Business Development, Paxata

2. My prospect, a CIO, picked up the phone – ON THE FIRST RING #micdrop

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviews“One time I cold-called a CIO and he picked up on the first ring…”

…says no SDR ever.

But actually, that did happen, and continues to happen!

Before you ask, no I’m not a magician (although it feels like it). When it comes to prospecting as an SDR, DiscoverOrg is the only platform I rely on.

Keep it simple!

The future of B2B selling will be built upon technology and data that enable greater productivity and more personalized engagement across multiple touch points within an organization.

The future of B2B selling is DiscoverOrg.

Conner Sigman, Sales Development Representative at NetApp

3. I set a meeting with my dream target company

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsWanted to give a shoutout to DiscoverOrg for the success they’ve added to my start in the career of Account Managing. Thanks to the ability to reach key decision makers directly, I’ve been able to set far more meetings using DiscoverOrg than my other methods.

Most specifically, my meeting tomorrow with a director at a target company I’ve been trying to get into since September wouldn’t have happened without using their platform.

Merry Christmas, and thank you DiscoverOrg!

Tori Garris, Account Manager, Alliance One

4. I landed a new $50k deal

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviews

Attend @DiscoverOrg demo > see CIO contact working at different company > chuckle with team about poor data quality > email CIO contact after demo > learn he changed companies one month ago > land $50k project with his new team.

Talk to DiscoverOrg / RainKing about their powerful lead-intelligence platform.

Talk to me about sales enablement with your IP purchase of our IT Change Kit communication modules.

John Nielson, Director of Business Development,

5. I surpassed my quota every quarter this year!

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsDiscoverOrg has helped me reach key decision makers at targeted accounts that I otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

I have surpasses my quota every quarter this year, thanks to the functionality and reliable information found through DiscoverOrg!

Drew Shaw, Mid-Enterprise Business Development, Proofpoint

6. I scheduled 20 meetings at our biggest trade show

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsCreating your 2018 Sales Software wish list? If so, make sure to add DiscoverOrg.

I can’t imagine my weeks without it, not only can you create strategic target account lists but you can also increase efficiency in prospecting by narrowing down your prospect at every level.

DiscoverOrg helped in scheduling over 20 strategic meetings at one of our biggest trade shows this year. Fantastic solution every hunter should have in their tool box!

Shannon Houpt, Account Executive, CloudCheckr

7. This response from my C-suite prospect says it all…

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsI love receiving responses like this from C-Suite Executives that I reach out to:

“And one final comment — if it’s helpful to know if the package influenced my decision to say yes to a meeting, you can certainly report back to the marketing team that it absolutely did.

Emails asking for the chance to explain the next great solution tend to arrive in our inboxes with great regularity. The care and attention reflected in your package suggests Workfront would be a company that understands the work of creative teams and the importance of detail, and is willing to go that extra mile… I look forward to connecting!”

Thank you @DiscoverOrg for supplying me with correct budget, trigger, and contact information!

Dainon Haggard, Enterprise SaaS Sales, Workfront

8. I increased engagement at all points in the pipeline

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsIn 2017, LaunchCode has been able to increase our enterprise-level engagement at all points in our pipeline which has resulted in LaunchCode giving more companies access to talented, nontraditional IT candidates.

We could not have done it without our partners DiscoverOrg. Their information and best practices have made a lasting impact on LaunchCode.

If you’re not using DiscoverOrg for pipeline growth and generation give it a look and you won’t be disappointed.

Jacob Gower, Vice President, Company Relations, LaunchCode

9. I’ve been able to book meetings from direct-mail – a key part of Account-Based Marketing.

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsUntil implementing DiscoverOrg, we struggled to execute on direct mail initiatives, which are a *key* part of successful ABM.

Now, we can get accurate mailing addresses for our B2B targets, even if they all sit at different locations.

The results have already been fantastic, and now a big portion of our booked meetings come from direct mail!

Christine Olivas, VP of Marketing, Lingo Live

10. We updated 5000 Salesforce records … just like *that*

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsJust implemented DiscoverOrg and am looking forward to using it for lead generation!

So far, it has already identified over 5,000 of our Salesforce records and updated their information to be current!

Teddy Otero, Marketing Manager at Sabey Data Centers

11. My timing so accurate, prospects give me compliments!

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsDiscoverOrg is the foundation of where I start my strategic planning from. It has been the focused starting point of countless new opportunities on my end over the last 3 years.

For myself, the scoops have been the greatest resource in developing new accounts in my geographical footprint. It is these scoops that led me down the path of an initiative with a large retail organization, which has now expanded in a global fashion.

The trigger it provided was so accurate, I was complimented on my immaculate timing! The insight and resources are like nothing I have seen in 16 years of sales, and a tool/resource I have trust in like no other.

Jason King, Account Manager, Cradlepoint

12. I can prospect three times faster

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsI’m really impressed with how far our campaigning efforts have come along with the use of DiscoverOrg.

We recently completed integration into Salesforce, and the outputs have exponentially sped up our process to get great contacts with pertinent info to set up multi-touch campaigns.

I am 3x faster thanks to better quality information with Org Charts, Scoops, and Advanced Searches that help me pinpoint my prospects. Christmas came early for Point B!

Scott Duffey, Owner, Point B

13. I landed net-new accounts AND expanded existing accounts

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsThroughout 2017 running the Inside Sales Team here at Sapho, my team has used DiscoverOrg to gain valuable insights and information about our prospects and customers.

We have had an unbelievable year securing many net new accounts and existing account expansions. All thanks to some of our great tools, and most importantly our great team! Our sales team has had a record year at Sapho!

Sawyer J. Whalen, Sr. Account Manager, Sapho

14. I was able to provide security support in a prospect’s moment of crisis

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviewsThanks to DiscoverOrg alerts that give us real time information, we’ve recently been able to help out a large company with their security management. They were in a time of crisis, and as soon as we were alerted by DO, we got our team on board to help the company out with exactly what they needed.

Because of these real time alerts, we helped save a company in a real crisis exactly when they needed it, and have developed a lasting relationship!

India Telkamp, Sales Associate, ITS Partners

15. A little intelligence goes a long way

We are a group of pre-sales researchers at Hitachi Consulting, and here’s our #DiscoverOrgSuccess story…

#discoverorgsuccess discoverorg reviews

Our’s is a small team of three people catering to the US sales folks. We lead all the pre-sales research before they approach a company- a little bit of intelligence goes a long way! And that’s exactly what DiscoverOrg helps us with- Intelligence.

We draw, on a weekly basis almost around 20 reports from DiscoverOrg (yeah! you heard it right, we just click on the download button over there and don’t do no copy pasting!) and send it across to our Sales team as a bundle of all-comprehensive information about the client, including – here’s the best part – an exclusive list of the company’s key contacts in every field! So the report helps us not just identify who to talk with in the company, but how to make an intelligent conversation with them.

If you haven’t subscribed to DiscoverOrg yet, trust me, you are not just missing on a LOT of information, but also subjecting your research team to amazing amount of manual work, which can be brought down dramatically with the help of this tool!

#DiscoverOrgSuccess – Because a little intelligence goes a long way!

Akhila Kakeri, Research Analyst, Hitachi Consulting

We love making an impact on the success of our amazing customers and look forward to adding value throughout the year!

For more stories on how DiscoverOrg is helping real sales and marketing professionals and executives, look for the #DiscoverOrgSuccess hashtag on LinkedIn – and don’t forget to check or subscribe to our blog for fresh, insightful weekly content!

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