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On September 1st, we were thrilled to announce that long time DiscoverOrg advocate, friend, and customer, David Sill, would be joining the DiscoverOrg family as our new Senior Vice President of Customer Success. With an abundance of coaching, customer relations, and inside sales experience, we feel like we have literally hit the hiring jackpot.

Seeing as it’s Thursday, we wanted to “throwback” to a blog post that Sill wrote for us back in 2013 about how redirecting your attention away from inbound leads, and towards “non-hand raisers” can be extremely beneficial for business. Sill demonstrates that sales professionals who use the following tactics to nurture “cold leads” are seeing great success:

  • Tailoring the unique value proposition to the situation
  • Offering fresh insights
  • Taking control of the sales cycle

Check out the full post here.

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