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As the leaves are blowing across the yard it has me thinking about the importance of fall clean-up. Maintaining a clean an accurate data base is similar in a lot of ways to yard maintenance. Old material needs to be pulled, and the material that is good needs to be checked, supplemented and readied for the next season. As with anything, spending the time to do proper maintenance will pay off for good leads next season.

As modern revenue marketers we add to our data bases all the time as we progress through the sales cycle. Many good leads come across our desks, and while some are real winners and others have potential, there many that don’t amount to anything and the data gets stale. The ability to convert leads into a reliable revenue stream depends on maintaining an accurate and segmented data base.

DiscoverOrg specializes in the data needed to reach IT managers, but for all of us who market to other departments, the refresh is not automatic. Here are some recommended steps to for a successful fall clean-up of your database:

  • First, append your database with a well-respected outside source like Hoover’s or Reachforce. IT vendors should use DiscoverOrg, of course. Make sure to get all available information on region, budget, employee sizes, phone numbers, titles, company types.  This information will be invaluable when you are building campaigns.  By using this data you will be able to strategically target different messages that are engaging to different people’s concerns or areas of interest.
  • Next, invest the time to verify the database information you receive from web-scraped data providers. This can be a big project – we had a team of three spend three weeks at it – but without this step, you could be using some outdated information. So, it is vital.
  • Integrate the process of data maintenance into your teams daily work flow. Use the data you obtain from your outbound campaigns and definitely monitor the soft bounces. Use this bounce information to append the leads and your database becomes more accurate and more successful with each successive campaign.
  • Finally, incentivize your team to increase the accuracy of your database through continued maintenance. Where lowest bounce rate and open rates are generally available metrics, teams will work to get the best numbers.

One might argue that they would rather rake leaves than clean a database, but the result of having a banner sales year (and a gorgeous yard) is worth the effort!  Learn more tips on data maintenance on our FREE webinar Wednesday, October 30 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET “Don’t be Scared of Your Data! 6 Steps to Cleaning and Appending”

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