The idea of supercharging your sales is nothing new. We are all racing toward our quotas, wanting to find a better way to get a rolling start at the beginning of the quarter. Our payout depends on it.

Even if you’re the three-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton of Sales, you still need a top-performing vehicle, or in this case, a serious set of tools, to help you close. These new datasets empower you to do just that.

3 Datasets to Win the Race

The Sales Dataset

Teams selling to Sales need this dataset to get a flying start. Sales departments are becoming technology buying centers and beginning to rival their marketing and IT counterparts. According to TOPO high-growth Sales Dev Teams now have an average of 5 applications in their tech stack, with advanced organizations leveraging closer to 10. Compare that to Marketing tech stacks: an Econsultancy report from 2015 cited that half of the respondents were using 21 technologies in their Digital Marketing stack.

Even more telling than the growth of sales enablement tools is the fact that many of these products, currently residing in the technology ecosystem for either Sales or Marketing, have a use case for their counterpart. As a sales rep, forging relationships with both sales and marketing will help close opportunities.

Understanding that often the budget for the very tools needed resides in marketing can help you race ahead of the competition when selling to sales.

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The HR Dataset

Sales TipsTeams looking to reach departments focused on human resources activities can now use DiscoverOrg’s HR Dataset to profile personnel in payroll, benefits, compliance, etc. This dataset targets a wide array of professionals with the understanding that no two departments are alike.

For examples, when selling into Marketing Departments, sales executives typically target C-level, EVP, SVP, VP and Director level positions. However, in HR and Recruiting industries, there is an increasing number of middle management generalists with significant purchasing influence.

Accurate and up-to-date contact data is critical when trying to make connections with these teams. Professionals profiled in this new dataset experience a lot of turnover with 61% in their position for less than two years. This level of churn requires constantly refreshed contact data in order maintain consistent sales results.

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Pitching to NoPos within a department is tough. Speed the process up by connecting with C-suite professionals. The CXO Dataset provides the business intelligence sales and marketing pros need to break into and become part of the trusted inner circle.

Information in the CXO Dataset allows organizations to identify overlapping responsibilities and connect with multiple high-level stakeholders to close an opportunity.


The Account-Based Model is the Vehicle Maintained by the Predictive Analytic Pit Crew

Rounding out this solid racing team is DealPredict and OppAlerts – our Account-Based Marketing toolkit. These tools are key members of the DiscoverOrg platform’s pit crew. They work in tandem with our business Scoops and provide actionable account-based business intelligence for top-ranked accounts.

Sales Intelligence Tools

DealPredict Helps to Plan Your Race

Now a standard feature in the DiscoverOrg platform, DealPredict enables customers to enter criteria for their ideal prospects, which DealPredict’s algorithms then predictively rank target accounts and contacts by.

DealPredict organizes prospective companies, and target buyers within those companies, on a scale of 0-5 stars. The scale allows Sales and Marketing professionals to prioritize leads and opportunities at-a-glance based on demographics, firmographics, and buyer signals.

By gathering insight into which companies and contacts are best matched to an ideal target buyer profile and coupling it with deep business intelligence, sales and marketers can spend their time craft personalized messages that showcase the unique value of their product and/or service.

Doing that, rather than spending time on the deflated tires of cold-calling or cold-emailing, is a driving force behind the effectiveness (aka ROI) of prospecting efforts. This level of strategy and personalization is key to an account-based approach.

Predict the Race Before It Begins with OppAlerts

Imagine being alerted the moment prospects are starting to research and consume content relevant to your solution. OppAlerts, DiscoverOrg’s predictive analytics tool, allows sales and marketing teams to see the green light before any competitors.

OppAlerts removes the guesswork surrounding which prospects are looking for your solution before they ever reach out to you. DiscoverOrg uses data from over 250 B2B publishers to identify content downloads and research behavior indicative of buying interest – all customizable to the categories and topics you care about most.

Even better, it integrates with DealPredict so that you can prioritize the top ranked accounts with the highest likelihood to purchase today.

Stop kicking tires and gear up for the victory lap – see how DiscoverOrg can get you on the inside track. Contact us today.

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