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Last week Salesforce.com held their annual user conference, Dreamforce, which has grown to be the biggest user gathering in technology – with 130,000 attendees and over 350 partner vendors showcasing more than 1,000 solutions that tie into the Salesforce platform. At the conference, G2 Crowd created a special-edition Dreamforce grid, showcasing vendors that had been reviewed on the site.  Of the nearly 80 vendors that were part of the grid, we were thrilled to find that DiscoverOrg earned the top slot on the Top 10 Customer Favorites list – ranked by the average satisfaction rating of customer reviews. And so, we thank you – it is very motivating to be loved.

We know that your appreciation is, in large part, due to the product of the tireless work that our in-house research team devotes to keeping current information in our seven datasets.  As a result, when you are seeking a decision maker – whether they sit in the IT, Finance or Marketing department – you will find that person in the organizational chart of their DiscoverOrg profile and you will also have their direct dial phone number and verified email address at hand. We currently profile over 40,000 organizations in the Americas and Europe. It is a big job and our researchers are nailing it. We strive to be the 6-Million Dollar Man of marketing and sales intelligence –constantly finding ways to be Faster, Better and Stronger to make you more effective, and enable you to spend less time researching and more time selling.

Three tools rolled out recently highlight this commitment:

  • Faster: One of the big reasons that Salesforce users love DiscoverOrg is that our incredibly accurate sales intelligence can be accessed directly within their Salesforce instance using the DiscoverOrg for Salesforce Native App. Constantly refreshed contact data is fed directly into Salesforce along with DiscoverOrg’s signature organizational charts mapping out the reporting structures within your accounts. Using the DiscoverOrg for Salesforce Native App, users can build Real Scoops as well as access pre-built reports to assess ROI directly within Salesforce. Having this rich sales intelligence built into the CRM – rather than spending precious sales cycles researching – makes each rep almost twice as effective and that much faster at closing a deal.
  • Better: Our free Google Chrome Extension enables subscribers to access DiscoverOrg’s sales intelligence with the click of a button. Easily configured to deliver the contacts most relevant to you, the Google Chrome Extension enables you to find and save contacts from your DiscoverOrg databases during web browsing. By building our tools into the places where you can use the data most, DiscoverOrg helps you to be better and more effective at your jobs.
  • Stronger:  We know that as industry trends shift, your needs change as well. More specifically, the contact who you are probably seeking within your targeted accounts may look a little different these days. A few years ago, technology vendors sold almost exclusively to  contacts in IT; however, the marketing department is now controlling large chunks of IT purchasing. To keep up with this trend, we rolled out our Marketing Dataset to provide you with the contacts you need – across departments. Paired with our segmented IT, Finance and European datasets, the DiscoverOrg Marketing dataset puts you in a stronger position to communicate with all of the relevant decision makers and shorten the sales cycle.

Our team is constantly thinking of ways to make DiscoverOrg Faster, Better and Stronger – so that we can pass on those same benefits to the sales and marketing teams that we support. Thanks again for the love – and know that we are going to keep on earning it.

If you want to show your love for DiscoverOrg, or read the reviews of other users, check out our page on G2Crowd.

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