We could spend all day telling you what DiscoverOrg actually does and how people use it. But we thought it would be more interesting to SHOW you with real people.

Our gracious host is determined to show two newcomers – from sales and marketing, respectively – how real sales intelligence powers a larger pipeline, more conversations, and faster revenue growth.

Check out our funny sales video showing off how marketing and sales intelligence really works!

Picture a large warehouse. Our sales guy and marketing gal gaze around a room filled with … people. Lots and lots of people: the human equivalent of a contact or lead list.

“Finding the right contact shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack,” the host explains. But with traditional lead lists, it usually is. “That’s where DiscoverOrg comes in. We’re constantly updating our sales and marketing intelligence – with real human beings. Meet Cindy. She’s just one of DiscoverOrg’s 250-plus human researchers, verifying millions of data points.”

The host pulls out his trusty megaphone: “Everyone who’s left their job in the last 90 days, get out!”

Several people leave the crowd.

“Also leave if you’ve been fired…”

A handful of sad-looking people walk out carrying boxes of their office possessions.

“… or are dead.”

Ouch. A coroner carries a stretcher out of the room.

DiscoverOrg for Account-Based Marketing

“DiscoverOrg’s advanced search helps you build targeted emails and prospecting lists and emails in the exact department, company size, and role you need!”

Screen grab from funny sales video.





The marketer grabs the microphone. “Show me contacts in the marketing department at software companies with fewer than 5000 employees!” She’s narrowing down her list of target accounts – with account-based marketing in mind.

Sales people, engrossed in a game of beer pong, put down their paddles and leave the room. The IT crowd follows them out the door. The crowd thins out as the marketer gets increasingly specific.

I want to see decision makers only,” the marketer adds.

“Hop to it!” the host cries. “Coordinators, assistants – and hey, intern, that means you, too.” More people leave the room. “The crowd just keeps getting warmer. DiscoverOrg’s technology insights lets you see what technologies companies are using.”

DiscoverOrg for Sales Intelligence

The salesman grabs the microphone. “Show me anyone using advertising technology – and the platforms they’re on.”

Image from funny sales video“Now you can see who’s a good fit for your solution,” the host says. “You can also rank companies based on your ideal customer profile – intern, get out! And with DiscoverOrg’s scoops, you can uncover those with immediate needs and purchase initiatives.”

“I want to see companies planning to invest in digital display advertising in the near future!” the marketer exclaims. Stars appear above the heads of several remaining contacts. “Time for a personalized email!” The marketer starts typing happily.

“Oh yeah,” the host says, “and you can get notifications anytime a company you follow looks for products like yours …”

“Woah, woah!” The salesman, who has been searching the DiscoverOrg platform on his computer, chimes in. “All of these accounts have initiatives related to my solution?”

“Yep!” the host replies. “But let’s double-check the data.” He addresses the small group of remaining contacts. “Show me the contacts with direct-dial phone numbers!” he exclaims. No one moves. “Huh.” The host is impressed. “They all have direct-dials. Good work, Cindy!

“OK, we’re ready to make contact!” the host says. “Let’s start with the 5-star rated leads. You. John. Show us your profile.”

An org chart, complete with pictures of the contacts, organizational structure, and direct-dial phone numbers, appears. John, it turns out, is a Chief Growth Officer.

The salesman picks up the phone to make a no-longer-cold call.

Hope you enjoyed our funny sales video. Now get out there and close some deals!

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