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It’s crunch time. With Game 6 of the NBA Finals happening tonight, and the end of Q2 right around the corner, we’re all trying to figure out how to sink that buzzer-beater shot to pull us through with a W.

Lebron James and Stephen Curry are going head to head as the leaders of their teams, and we know you’re giving it your all to be the leader of yours. Don’t leave anything to chance.

With DiscoverOrg’s Scoops you’ve got the game stacked in your favor. Leveraging inside information about upcoming initiatives, current pain points, and leadership changes is the equivalent of having a triple double in your sales cycle.

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Below are Scoops happening right now within the IT and Marketing departments of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors:

The Golden State Warriors is currently partnering with the city of San Francisco to plan the development of the Warriors San Francisco Arena. The new, privately-financed arena will sit on a 12-acre site and is expected to offer 18,000 event seats, retail spaces, a public plaza, and office space. In addition, the Warriors have increased their spending significantly in the last 6 months towards disaster recovery (DR) solutions and information security controls.  Sources have indicated that the organization is in the midst of developing and implementing a new enterprise CRM process across the company as well, including reporting, data and marketing analytics strategies. The organization recently invested approximately $30,000 to leverage wearable monitoring devices from Catapult Sports this season, which fit into compression shirt linings and measure data related to a player’s body bending, acceleration, direction, and location-positioning. Sources have also indicated an increased interest toward the use of facial recognition software within the team’s newly-planned stadium to support a personalized fan experience.

Sources have indicated that the Cleveland Cavaliers have increased interest toward IT initiatives related to business intelligence, including data warehouse performance optimization, data integration, and infrastructure efforts. The organization recently partnered with software & mobile app company YinzCam to launch a Cleveland Cavaliers app for the Apple Watch which will allow fans to view team news, alerts, schedules, and scores within the app. Sources have also indicated that the Cavs are in the midst of initiatives that will support the implementation of Apple iBeacon technology within the Quicken Loans arena. The iBeacons will provide visitors with notifications and exclusive content through the official Cleveland Cavaliers app as part of an increased interest in new technologies and development to support in-game experiences and activation at the team’s arena. Sources have indicated that the Cavs have shown increased focus toward marketing initiatives related to watch parties throughout Cleveland bars and restaurants and pre-game fan fests to enhance experiences and engagement for fans outside of the arena.

Whether you’re a Cavs or a Warriors fan (we’re split evenly in our office!) – We want you to crush your competition this quarter. Schedule a demo with us today so we can show you how to be the MVP of your team.

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