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Approaching new prospects without accurate contact data can be time consuming, frustrating and wasteful. One thing we all know about sales is that the old adage, ‘time is money’ really is no joke.

Outbound calls can be unproductive for many reasons – you are not calling the right person, you don’t have the right number, you are calling a company that has no active projects, the list goes on. These all funnel down to the same thing: you don’t have current actionable data on your prospects. Having bad data or an unsystematic approach to targets will cost you money.

IT-ROI Solutions came to DiscoverOrg because the poor quality of their current data, ranging from stale leads to individuals at the wrong level within a target organization, was causing them to waste precious selling time and miss other opportunities.

While their current methods allowed IT-ROI to obtain good traction with IT project managers at target companies, they found that without the executive level contacts, they were relying on those project managers to sell IT-ROI solutions upstream. This IT sales strategy was met with limited success. Thus, working from a database that did not have accurate contact information throughout the organizational chart was proving to be ineffective.

Let’s see how that scenario changes when they engaged DiscoverOrg, a top-level IT data intelligence provider.

Upgrade Your Data With Salesforce.com Integration

With the DiscoverOrg salesforce.com native app, sales teams open salesforce.com knowing that the contact information they are seeking will be there, accurate and complete. They know that the reporting structure will be visible – upwards, horizontally and downwards within the organization. They also know that they can set up scoops in their salesforce.com Chatter feed that alert them to new open projects and IT leadership moves within target organizations.

IT-ROI sales teams are benefiting from all of these DiscoverOrg features. In fact, using the DiscoverOrg Salesforce app, IT-ROI moved from a database that was more than 50% dirty and useless to a complete, clean and updated contact database.

Work the Org Chart

IT-ROI Sales teams use DiscoverOrg Organizational Charts to map out their path to success within target IT organizations. By using a method of multiple contact points within the IT department, paired with actionable data gathered from scoops, IT-ROI is able to reach out to targets and begin informed conversations with the exact people they should be talking to for a specific initiative.

The detailed organizational charts prepared by DiscoverOrg researchers allow sales organizations to see through the walls of target companies – see into the IT departments and approach these prospects with solutions that are tailored to their current projects.

Hire Our Research Team

Another benefit IT-ROI sites for their recent success is the proactive DiscoverOrg research team. DiscoverOrg differentiates itself amongst sales tools in a very personal way. Our full-time research staff touches every contact at least once every 90 days. This means that the information in our database is incredibly accurate, since all of these updates are entered into the DiscoverOrg database in real-time.

Beyond just maintaining the database, if a customer is seeking a contact within the database that is not there, they can access a live person within the DiscoverOrg research team, and get that contact added to the database within hours. In this way, the DiscoverOrg research team has become an extension of the IT-ROI team.

Having actionable information when and where you need it are the cornerstones of a solid sales and marketing strategy. With DiscoverOrg, that accuracy is guaranteed. “I’ve used DiscoverOrg every day at work – sometimes that’s 7 days a week, for the past 9 months straight,” says Christopher Claunch, IT-ROI Solutions Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In that whole time I’ve only gotten one incorrect direct dial number.”

Find out more about how IT-ROI increased their sales effectiveness by 60X using DiscoverOrg’s data.

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