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We love coming to work each morning. We’re grateful for the daily trust of our customers, for the encouragement and camaraderie of our colleagues and coworkers, and for the community that welcomes and makes a space for us. DiscoverOrg is a special place to be, and we have much to be thankful for.

Before the rush of the holiday season, before the end-of-year hustle takes over completely, a few DiscoverOrg customers and employees have something to say:

Henry Schuck and daughter Grace

Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO and Co-founder

I’m thankful to be exactly here. Exactly now. With a wonderful family, living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m thankful to come to work every day and be surrounded by the most intelligent, driven, hard-working people I’ve ever met. I’m grateful and humbled by the opportunity to lead DiscoverOrg and bring opportunities to the people around me.

Henry Schuck, CEO and Co-founder, DiscoverOrg

I am thankful for the time DiscoverOrg gives BACK to me! The sheer fact that the data is 90% + accurate literally makes a huge impact on the amount of contacts I can reach out to in a company per day.

Jessica Williams, Inside Sales, Thales eSecurity

Cary Leeth DiscoverOrg

Cary Leeth, Customer Success Manager

I am grateful for my customers, because I have not been consistently home in 5-6 years. At 24 years old, that is a long time away from family, longtime friends, and the things that really put love in your life. But every now and again it feels like I’m on the phone with someone from Texas or in the South, and it makes me feel right at home. Like my people are right down the street, not too far away, alive and well – and that means everything to me.

Cary Leeth, Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

I am thankful for DiscoverOrg helping me to connect and better understand the organization of my customers.

Richard Tardif, Account Consultant, Compuware


Jonathan Singh, Account Manager

I am grateful for the diverse environment that I work in. Each day presents a new challenge and an opportunity to learn from the best in this space.

Jonathan Singh, Account Manager, DiscoverOrg

Thank you for making my lead life easier!

Melissa Warner, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations, CoreOS

Christina Longo, Content Coordinator

As a new employee, I am grateful for colleagues that have been extremely welcoming and easy to get along with. I’m thankful that we all can come to work everyday ready to work hard and contribute to the big picture.

Christina Longo, Content Marketing Coordinator, DiscoverOrg

Christopher Leonardo, Customer Success Manager

I am thankful for the opportunity to support individuals and companies with a product that is high quality, consistent, and legitimately helpful. CSMs and sales reps don’t always have the privilege of believing in their product. I am so thankful to be proud of what we provide.

Christopher Leonardo, Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

Ben Loria DiscoverOrg

Ben Loria, Manager of Sales Training

I’m grateful for the company that I work for and the opportunities my work has presented. I’m grateful for the staff of DiscoverOrg for constantly driving to do it faster and better, and the personal development that has resulted. Lastly, I’m grateful for Henry Schuck – I don’t know him well, but without his tenacity to dive into uncharted territory and fiercely fight his way to best in class, none of this would be possible.

Ben Loria, Manager of Sales Training, DiscoverOrg

Kari Anderson DiscoverOrg

Kari Anderson, Customer Success Manager

I’m grateful for our clients that allow us to be a trusted partner and help them grow. When they win, we win.

Kari Anderson, Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

I am thankful for DiscoverOrg making my team more efficient and effective. DiscoverOrg also cuts down our prospecting time and removes most of the ‘guess’ work in finding the right prospects for engagement.

Larry Anderson, Director, Demand Generation, Adapt Telephony Services, LLC

Daniel Rich DiscoverOrg

Daniel Rich, Sales Development Rep

I’m grateful for the opportunity to come to this office everyday. To be surrounded by a group of motivated, highly intelligent people pushes me to be at my best. I know this is a special place to be.

Daniel Rich, Sales Development Representative, DiscoverOrg

Dominique Catabay DiscoverOrg

Dominique Catabay, Demand Gen Specialist

I’m grateful for the prospects that actively listen before either taking a meeting or giving you a no.

Dominique Catabay, Demand Generation Specialist, DiscoverOrg

I am thankful for the accuracy of data in a pleasant UI for users.

Cyrus Moody, Lead Development Representative, CYREN Ltd.

Morgan Tacke DiscoverOrg

Morgan Tacke, Manager, Employee Experience

I am incredibly grateful that I found this career opportunity right out of college. I majored in Marketing, and now I’m working in HR and Operations, which is something I never expected. I have been met with so many growth and learning opportunities, and I will forever be grateful to DiscoverOrg for that. I am also grateful for my coworkers and my boss, every day they challenge me to be better and learn more.

It’s a blessing to enjoy coming to work everyday and being excited to see your coworkers.

Morgan Tacke, Manager, Employee Experience, DiscoverOrg

I am thankful for the live support I have gotten from the DiscoverOrg team!

Douglas Ifft, Account Executive, Carousel Industries, Inc.

Michael Joseph DiscoverOrg

Michael Joseph, Customer Success Manager

I’m so grateful for life, especially during the holidays, knowing that every little thing I do to help our clients, helps real people with their own lives, families, hopes, and dreams.

If what I do helps everyday helps someone buy that needed pair of boots, that coat, scarf, or toy that would have been out of reach financially, I’m a happy camper.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Joseph, Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

We utilize the database to find good contacts but we truly value the OppAlerts. Most of all we are very grateful for the amazing service!

Traci Emerson, Manager of Account Development, Iovation

Justin Withers, VP of Product

I’m grateful for the opportunity we have to work with the most innovative and disruptive new startups as well as the largest, most prominent and influential enterprises.

On both ends of the spectrum – and everywhere in between – these are some of the most visionary, passionate, and intelligent people I have ever worked with. It is exciting to have a hand in, and a front row to their success.

Justin Withers, Vice President, Product

We just signed on with DiscoverOrg but I’m SO SO excited to use all the tools and see our sales and marketing team soar together!

Alicia Busse, Marketing Specialist/Community Manager, Emtrain

I’m thankful that other companies appreciate the continual support on our end.

Nic Jamros DiscoverOrg

Nic Jamros, Customer Success Manager

Nic Jamros, Customer Success Manager, DiscoverOrg

To our customers: Thank you for trusting us to provide your most fundamental, sensitive resource. To our employees: Thank you for the dedication you bring day after day. And to our community: Thank you for ten years of support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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