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Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Marketing Automations Systems certainly are not new, but their impact on the business strategies of sales and marketing teams over the past five years has been significant.  In many instances, it’s been difficult for them to determine true ROI due to concerns about the accuracy or completeness of the data going into these highly sophisticated systems.  To quantify the impact that automation tools are having on work habits, productivity and data integrity in IT organizations, DiscoverOrg conducted a short survey in August 2013 and compiled the results in a new research report.

Our main takeaway: With clean data being the lifeblood of these systems, it was surprising to learn that more than 30% of the respondents said data accuracy is their primary issue with their CRM and marketing automation tools.

Another significant finding: Nearly 24% of respondents said they are not using a CRM system, instead either tracking sales activity via Microsoft Excel or not tracking lead and sales pipeline until revenue is realized. This was especially surprising to our team, given the introduction of low cost-of-entry players like Zoho and ActOn.  Moreover, more than half of respondents reported that they relied on sales representatives to update and cleanse their system data.  The widespread nature of this practice likely contributed to another key finding: more than two-thirds said their data was less than 80% accurate, with 14% saying it was less than 50% accurate. This makes it difficult to accurately determine both marketing ROI and sales productivity.

Enjoy, share, embed our infographic and download the full report to learn what issues your peers are addressing each day with work habits, productivity and data integrity.

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