Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing approach that can be extremely beneficial for B2B sales organizations. ABM essentially flips the traditional sales funnel, starting with identifying a target account then nurturing and marketing to that account through the funnel.

In a recent blog, we spoke about the challenges of implementing ABM, one being a lack of good data. Deep, accurate sales intelligence is truly the foundation of effective account-based marketing. Without it, a successful execution of ABM is nearly impossible.

DiscoverOrg provides the exact data, insights and tools necessary to help companies implement and excel with ABM.

Accurate, Up-to-Date Data

Accurate data is the foundation of successful ABM, particularly when first identifying high value accounts and then marketing to them intelligently.

ABM requires the right data, which also helps sales and marketing save time and energy. DiscoverOrg replaces the hours spent scraping the web for information with rich data right at your fingertips, effectively increasing productivity and efficiency. Your team suddenly has more time to make phone calls, send emails, and close deals.

Identifying the Right Accounts

Having access to actionable data is just one piece of the ABM puzzle. It is also crucial to identify the accounts most likely to buy your product or service. DiscoverOrg assists with this need in several ways:

  • First, create your ideal buyer persona within our platform. Using these parameters, our system then ranks the almost 1 million contacts, surfacing those who best fit the profile. These are the prospects you should target first.
  • Beyond simply providing job titles and org charts, we identify decision makers in an organization who have budget authority and own specific tech initiatives—so you know exactly who to call on or market to.
  • After identifying who to target at the right account, we go further and provide insights about challenges and initiatives of IT decision makers. We publish 1,500 investment scoops, or “Scoops” per day, which share insights such as upcoming spending initiatives, current pain points, expiring contracts, etc. In other words, your marketing team can tailor its messaging, and sales gets invaluable hand raises,  establishing how and when they should approach the decision maker.

DiscoverOrg not only identifies those most likely to buy your product or service but also uncovers the proper messaging to send, effectively shortening your sales cycle. This actionable information is imperative for a successful implementation of ABM within your organization.


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