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Brian Burns, host of the weekly podcast, “The Brutal Truth,” interviews leaders in the sales space and offers key insights into succeeding.

Originally aired 6/24/16, his interview with  DiscoverOrg CEO, Henry Schuck, focused on the importance of access to the right information, which is particularly crucial in enterprise sales because the accuracy of that information directly correlates to improving sales commissions. Below are some topical highlights of that podcast.

Accurate Data Allows You to Achieve Higher Sale Commissions

Building relationships out of thin air is a tall order for those in sales, and it can’t be done on a whim with a quick once-over of the prospect’s website. Salespeople need much more information than this on the companies they are targeting. Traditional methods of gathering data, including building out Excel spreadsheets with emails and phone numbers, are time-intensive and unreliable.

Without a solution in place, sales reps report spending 25-50% of their time using a variety of methods, from researching prospects on LinkedIn to swapping info with their peers at other companies, to gather enough intel to find and connect with the right decision-maker. What’s worse, Henry Schuck comments, is that “data becomes stale after about 90 days,” requiring updates to contact data on a continuous basis. This level of upkeep on data makes data hygiene initiatives an uphill battle, and quite frankly, is a huge time suck for salespeople.

“When deals get stuck, they don’t get stuck with the people we know. They get stuck with the people we haven’t met yet,” Brian Burns explains. In other words, without data or ability to get it, your sales team might get stalled on a deal without the resources – like access to additional decision-makers – to help move the deal forward.

Here at DiscoverOrg, we solve that problem with in-depth human-verified datasets, updated at least every 90 days.  Our datasets include the  detailed reporting structures of target accounts, insight into existing tech stacks, and direct dials with a 96% accuracy rate.

How to Use Deep Data Intelligence

Access to deep data intelligence informs sales reps of what their prospect’s priorities are – enabling them to reach out at the appropriate time AND strategically craft the messaging for target accounts. This focused outreach results in more closed deals, plain and simple. In IT-ROI’s case, deep data intelligence resulted in a 60X return on investment in 9 months.

Bottom line: Spending half your time figuring out who to contact, is a waste of time, money and energy.  Using DiscoverOrg to do the dirty work for you results in more sales and higher commissions.

To listen to the podcast in its entirety click here.

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