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(Hint: Don’t Follow the Herd) Step Away From the Beaten Path

It’s beginning of the year which means Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Inside Sales teams are mapping out their target accounts and making resolutions to bring down those big logos.

It’s also the time of year I like to look back at the search histories of our users in the aggregate. I get a kick out of this every year.

Let’s start with the most searched CIOs in the DiscoverOrg database:

1st Source Gopi Menon Chief Information Officer
1st Colonial Bancorp Irene Clark Chief Information Officer
121 Financial Credit Union Larry Rouse Chief Information Officer
21st Century Insurance Group Rick Stoner Chief Information Officer
1-800 Petmeds Richard Kirsch Chief Information Officer
1105 Media Erik Lindgren Chief Information Officer
1-800 Contacts John Murray Chief Information Officer
1st Franklin Financial Cindy Mullin Chief Information Officer
1-800 Flowers Arnold Leap Chief Information Officer
24 Hour Fitness Tim Segneri Chief Information Officer

Notice anything? Every one of these comes from a company with a leading number – i.e. 1st Source, 1-800 Contacts, 1-800 Petmeds etc. Why would that be? Well that’s easy. When you log into DiscoverOrg, the initial company listings (before any filters have been applied) is sorted alphabetically with numbers at the top; so users just select these companies because they “SEE” them, not because they are strategically going after accounts or looking for companies with the biggest IT budgets or most relevant Trigger Events – just the ones their eyes see first. This is obviously not the most strategic way to prospect.

How about the least prospected to individuals – there is not a lot to take away there either – here are the 10 least searched CIOs in the DiscoverOrg database:

Red Lobster Seafood Company Lou Grande Chief Information Officer
eBay Dan Morales Chief Information Officer
Hallmark Cards Evon Jones Chief Information Officer
TD Bank Financial Group Jeff Martin Chief Information Officer
Tenet Health Tim Lankes Chief Information Officer
PerkinElmer Hans Keil Chief Information Officer
Caterpillar Julie Lagacy Chief Information Officer
Newport News Shipbuilding Bharat Amin Chief Information Officer
Lennar Steve Smith Chief Information Officer
Dollar Tree Tom Scott Chief Information Officer

Some simple observations: As a group, the least searched CIOs control significantly more IT budget than the CIOs of the most searched companies. In fact, Jeff Martin the CIO of TD Bank Financial Group owns more IT budget than half of the CIOs on the most searched list.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You’re in sales. If your sales leader is anything like the sales leaders at DiscoverOrg, then they are absolutely vigilant about your time and making sure that you are prioritizing the highest return activities. That means fishing where the fish are – prospecting where there is the most likelihood of a sale, understanding your target buyer and going after them. This also means not just clicking on the first thing to come across your screen.

If you’re already using DiscoverOrg, then mine our scoops to find the opportunities that are most relevant to you.  Do a REAL company search and dissect companies by Revenue, Industry, Technologies Used, Growth Rate etc., not just the first thing that comes to your mind. Be vigilant about your own time – it’s one of the few things you can control as an Inside Sales Rep or SDR – spend it on the opportunities and leads that have the most likelihood to close. Using DiscoverOrg, success is at your fingertips – look beyond the first contact you see and you will find it

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