DiscoverOrg Scoops | Leveraging at Trade ShowsIt is trade show season! Your booth is set up, your demos and collateral are all ready and you’re raring for the show to start. You’re likely to be meeting hundreds of people each day of the show – some prospects, some customers, and some folks who are just looking for a toy to bring home to their kids. It is important to remember that each of these prospects and customers you meet will also meet hundreds of other people at the show, as well. You may be asking yourself, “How can I stand out?” In order to effectively nurture these relationships post-show, you’ll need to offer something of substance so that the prospects will want to continue the conversation.

The best place to start is with leveraging Triggers. Check out what’s going on at each prospect’s company – are they experiencing pain points around certain deployments of technology? Did they just name a new executive who might be shopping for technology? Are they looking to implement new solutions? Knowing about these Scoops at your target accounts can help you not only start a conversation, but also provide real insight into how you can help and something concrete to discuss as you reach out. If you don’t see any Scoops happening at the company right now, load your “hot leads” into DiscoverOrg’s Platform to be notified when the company has changes in leadership or commenced new initiatives.

DiscoverOrg uncovers thousands of Scoops weekly, giving subscribers first access to inside information and a competitive advantage in the sales game. Below are some major selling opportunities that our researchers uncovered in the last week:


These Companies All Had Huge Leadership Changes:

DiscoverOrg Scoops | Leadership Change at Rite AidRite Aid has announced the appointment of Steve Rempel as Senior VP & Chief Information Officer, filling the role that was previously held by Matt Lynch. Rempel joins Rite Aid from Balance Innovations, where he served as Chief Information Officer, President & CEO. Sources have indicated that Rite Aid has expressed interest toward IT strategy and service platform development initiatives that will support enhanced customer and employee experiences. The company is planning to build a new 900,000 square-foot distribution center in Spartanburg, South Carolina to provide fulfillment needs to Rite Aid stores in the southeastern US.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | New Leadership Move at Portfolio Recovery AssociatesPortfolio Recovery Associates recently named Deborah Cassidy as the company’s new Chief Information Officer. Previously, Cassidy served as Business Chief Information Officer at Genworth Financial. The company recently invested approximately $2 million to support the remodeling and expansion of the company’s Norfolk, VA headquarters. The new 28,000 square-foot space is expected to house 100 IT employees.

These Companies All Started Big Initiatives:

DiscoverOrg Scoops | New IT Initiatives at Kellogg CompanySources have indicated that Kellogg Company has increased their investment toward web infrastructure to support a five-year strategy for its next generation of business-to-consumer and business-to-business web solutions that include digital marketing, mobile sales force automation, mobile applications, and mobile web sites. The company is in the midst of long-term initiatives that aim to migrate the company away from traditional client-server architecture to hosted and real time solutions delivered through public networks and mobile devices. The company is planning to move most of its hosting to public cloud solutions over the next several years. Kellogg Company is planning to ramp up application deployments leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure rather than hosting in their traditional data center.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | New IT Initiatives at Dow Chemical CompanyDow Chemical Company is currently embracing mobility and cloud strategies for IT infrastructure transformation initiatives. The company is planning implementation and customization initiatives for the next enterprise architecture, SAP Business Suite 7. Sources have indicated increased spending towards emerging analytics solutions as the company is currently focused on the delivery of an analytics and big data roadmap. The company currently leverages solutions including Hortonworks Hadoop, Teradata, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and SAP Hana.

DiscoverOrg Scoops | New IT Initiatives at Home DepotHome Depot is planning IT initiatives related to the development of a cloud based eCommerce platform leveraging Apache Cassandra and Java-based rest web services including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) & platform as a service (PaaS) to support the deployment of software as a service (SaaS) for the company’s website. The company is in the midst of building new distribution centers to support customer fulfillment efforts. Home Depot is in the midst of building out a new eCommerce development team to support the implementation and deployment of large scale web and database infrastructure for eCommerce.

If you’ve made a good connection with a prospect at the show – good for you. You’re on your way to building the sale. Don’t drop the ball now by letting your leads go cold after the show. Stay in front of your contacts by having meaningful conversations about their current environment and upcoming initiatives.

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