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“Sales operations may very well be THE most important and unsung hero for sales teams big and small, inside and field, direct and channel.” -Heinz Marketing

It’s likely that you don’t enjoy the benefits of a long-standing sales operations team since 54 percent of sales ops departments are less than three years old. As a relatively new field, people in Sales Ops are often left with the task of evangelizing their own value to internal stakeholders.

But as self-professed sales effectiveness nerds, we’re happy to accelerate the movement to make Sales Operations top of mind for any forward-thinking sales team.

That’s why when our friends at Tinderbox were looking for some sales ops focused content for their blog, we nominated Jonathan Gregg, our head of sales operations, to write a blog about his first 30 days on the job.. In it, he describes what every sales ops department should bring to the table, including answers to questions like:

  • Are we making enough calls?
  • Are we connecting enough?
  • Are we connecting, but not converting enough?
  • Who has the most opportunities and the least closes?
  • How should I help that person that isn’t closing?

Check out the full post here.

Don’t know who Tinderbox is? Then we are more than happy to introduce these sales productivity pros who specialize in making online presentations easy, integrated online proposal generation, contract management, and related analytics & alerts. In fact, check out the awesome blog they wrote for us, “6 Things Silently Killing Your SDR Function”.

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