IHS Inc. Names Mark Settle as CIO – Increase Your IT Sales by Calling Now

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IT SalesLast week IHS Inc., a leading global source of critical information and insight, named Mark F. Settle as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Settle brings more than 25 years of experience in managing technical innovation, global business unit performance and organizational change. In the next few months, Settle will be working to reconstruct and revamp IHS’s IT department – Improve the chances of winning their business, and increase your IT sales leads by being the first to get in touch.

Prior to joining IHS, Settle served as Chief Information Officer for BMC Software where he was responsible for delivering new business functionality, and leveraging virtualization technologies to enhance product development. Settle joins IHS with a wealth of IT experience, having served as CIO for five Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries such as enterprise software, high-tech distribution, financial services, oil and gas, and consumer products.

Find Mutual Benefit

IT sales are most effective when you can prove that a deal will be mutually beneficial. It’s crucial that you are familiar with the current environment of the company, and the direction the new leadership will be taking. In his new position, Settle will be responsible for managing IT strategy and operations globally. He will serve the digital needs of IHS’s customers in a global business environment, manage enterprise IT function, and explore innovative data strategies and architecture. Know where your product or service will most benefit the company or leader, and leverage your knowledge to close the deal on your IT sales.

“Our customers rely on us for critical information, insights and analytics that power growth and value. This necessitates a high-availability, high-reliability and highly secure technology infrastructure to deliver vast amounts of data and critical insight on demand,” said Scott Key, IHS President and CEO. “Mark is an essential and exciting addition to my executive leadership team who will ensure our continued innovations in these areas. Mark joins us at the right time as we will build upon the incredible work and positive momentum within our IT organization in deploying common global infrastructure, and as we look towards continued growth and globally scaling IHS.”

Strike While the Iron’s Hot

Research shows that the first seller in the door wins the business over 60% of the time. With Scoops, you’ll be the first to know about what’s going in the IT industry. You’ll be able to capitalize on the advantages of knowing first about leadership changes, projects and future happenings within a company, and the IT industry.

We recently surveyed CIOs who had been in their new position for less than six months. Results showed that 25% of them spent over $1 million, and 71% of those IT leaders did so in the first months of their new position. Here at DiscoverOrg, we know the power of good timing. Leverage your IT intelligence to increase your IT sales and get in touch with Mark Settle while he is working to make his mark on IHS Inc.

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