Jumpstart Account-Based Marketing & Identify Target Prospects That Look Just Like Your Best Customers

The Foundation of Account-Based Everything: Identifying Target Accounts

The first step in an effective account-based strategy is target account selection.

But to get it right, sales and marketing professionals must first understand the profile of their best and most valuable customers, develop an ideal customer profile (ICP), and use it as a pattern for identifying target prospects.

Customer profile analysis can be a time-consuming exercise in Excel that takes several review cycles to get right and often lacks the flexibility to make simple changes. The output is typically a static document that is not very actionable.

What if there was quick and easy way to analyze your customer profile, hone in on the attributes of the ideal customer, and use it to find lookalike accounts and contacts…?


Introducing AccountView

AccountView is an interactive dashboard that enables sales and marketing teams to identify new prospects based on attributes of their best customers. With AccountView, users can:

  • Instantly visualize detailed charts of customer data, including firmographic and technographic attributes (including, but not limited to, revenue, size, industry, and installed technologies)
  • Identify and filter for the characteristics that set their best customers apart
  • Dynamically generate a lookalike list of target prospects based on those characteristics

ABM data visualization dashboard view

Use Cases for AccountView

AccountView is not limited to analyzing best customers. It can be used to analyze any list of accounts. Here are several common use case examples of lists sales and marketing teams might import, analyze, and use to find target prospects:

Customers Identify commonalities or strengths in current customer base and find similar companies
High or Low Spend Customers Identify the characteristics of best customers, or those customers that spend the most revenue
Renewing or Non-Renewing Customers Identify the types of companies that are most likely to renew, or most likely to churn
High or Low Profitability Customers Determine the kinds of companies that cost a lot or a little to support or maintain
Competitor’s Customers Compare a competitor’s customer profile to your own and determine ways to improve your product, messaging, or positioning
Prospect accounts Find out if the prospects currently in your CRM are actually a good fit

Getting Started with AccountView

1. Create A Portfolio

AccountView Portfolio of AccountsA Portfolio is a list of accounts that is displayed on the AccountView dashboard. Portfolios are created by importing a list of accounts from a CSV file or within the DiscoverOrg platform from My Lists or using ListMatch. Both CSV upload and ListMatch use a proprietary algorithm to match inputted company names with companies in the DiscoverOrg database. The result is a list of accounts with a complete set firmographic and technographic attributes you can use to profile your account list.

2. Visualize & Analyze Account Data by Firmographic & Technographic Attributes

Identify Target Accounts for ABM CharacteristicsOnce a Portfolio has been created and selected, the dashboard populates chart widgets displaying the distribution of accounts by firmographic and technographic attributes including:

  • Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Industry
  • Technology
  • Company Ownership Type
  • SIC Code
  • NAICS Code

At a glance, you can begin to identify patterns in your account list, and identify criteria for future prospects.

3. Filter Charts to View Accounts that Meet a Specific Set of Criteria

Target Profile Attribute Graph CloseupAccountView provides the ability to drill into specific segments by clicking on chart bars, wedges, or listed values.

A common practice is to select the segments where the most companies reside. Once a segment is selected, the results of all other chart widgets are updated in real-time and the criteria selected is displayed in the dashboard header.

As you filter, you can hover over bars, wedges, or other chart values to see the number of accounts that meet that criteria and all other criteria selected.

At the top of the screen, a fixed dashboard summary always remains visible. It summarizes (1) the count of companies in your list accounting for any filters, (2) the count of contacts in your list accounting for any filters, (3) the count of Lookalike Companies accounting for any filters, and (4) your current filters applied, which are based on selected chart segments.

The Dashboard also has a toggle switch for showing or hiding companies outside your access scope.

AccountView Attribute Filter DiscoverOrg

4. View and Export Lookalike Prospect Companies

Export Lookalike Account with AccountViewThe most powerful feature in AccountView is the ability to view and export lookalike companies.

The list of lookalike companies is generated based on the filters applied uploaded lists. For example: if a list top customers that spend over $100K annually is uploaded and then filtered by top industry, company size, and technologies, AccountView will dynamically generate a list of companies that meet that same criteria and look just like those top customers. Company profiles for lookalikes are now available by clicking on Company Name in the lookalike export window.

The list of lookalike accounts is easily exportable via a CSV file, a new portfolio, a My List, or a Search. Exporting to Search provides access to additional detail about the companies, contacts, and scoops.

5. Leverage the Full ABM Suite of Tools in DiscoverOrg

After identifying target prospects using AccountView, DiscoverOrg customers can use other aspects of the ABM Toolkit to prioritize those prospects based on their likelihood to purchase via OppAlerts & DealPredict. They can also identify the right decision-makers at those accounts with best-in-class organizational charts and contact intelligence and engage directly with them—leveraging verified direct dial numbers and email addresses.


The foundation of an effective account-based strategy is great data.

Without it, you cannot identify nor engage target accounts meaningfully. AccountView is just one more powerful addition to DiscoverOrg’s ABM Toolkit that gets the right message to the best leads at the right time.

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Justin Withers
About the author

Justin Withers

Justin is the Vice President, Product Management and Product Marketing at DiscoverOrg and brings a decade of experience driving pipeline and revenue growth at B2B technology companies. Justin has authored several research reports including DiscoverOrg's 2017 Growth Drivers Report: Unlock the Sales and Marketing Secrets of the Fastest Growing Companies. Justin is passionate about the power of data and content to educate, influence, and enable sales and marketing team execution.