If you’re in sales or marketing, it’s likely you’ve come across a new SaaS platform or startup in the past 6 months that begs your attention. Perhaps this intriguing tech flaunts a new approach to an old strategy or intertwines words like “predictive” and “intelligence” into its elevator pitch.

As technology continues to plunge sales and marketing professionals further into transformative innovation and new opportunities, we must define the new terms taking us there. Considering the breakneck speed of tech advancement, it’s not uncommon for terms, which were merely a blip on the radar a year ago, to become part of our everyday vernacular.

With this in mind, we’ve created a glossary of common sales and marketing technology terms, as well as some which are trending to become more relevant. This glossary of key terms is a vital tool to help you understand how the concepts outlined in current and emerging technology platforms have the potential to help (or hurt) your business. We look forward to adding more terms as a litmus test for the latest tactics and technologies developed for sales and marketing professionals.

You can visit the glossary by clicking here.


Why the Glossary is Important

At DiscoverOrg, we are fortunate to sit on the front lines of advanced sales and marketing techniques because our product & market demands it. In fact, staying on top of the latest trends and thought leadership in the sales and marketing space not only benefits our internal teams but helps us support our customers.

With a strong understanding of the terms fueling the development of our own sales intelligence platform, we open the door to more engaging conversations with customers and prospects alike. As a result, this glossary is meant to be a primer for anyone engaging in sales and marketing technologies and to provide clarity on newer industry terminology so that you can be confident in your next discussion.

Any new terms you’re hearing out there? Please share them with us in the comments section and we’ll be sure to include them in future updates of the Advanced Glossary for Sales & Marketing.

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Preston Zeller
About the author

Preston Zeller

As Director of Digital Marketing for DiscoverOrg, Preston focuses on scaling inbound lead strategies, CRO, and brand strategy.