Here’s a micro-targeting technique that some of RainKing’s most savvy customers are using to get more from their events.

The Typical Approach to event planning: Invite as many people as you can (maybe filter them by title). After all, more is better, right?

Not necessarily. In reality, it is absolutely imperative that you take a step back and come up with a smart marketing strategy in order to ensure your event goes as planned. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that by simply inviting everyone they know to their event, the rest should all fall into place. This, however, is not always the best approach. In order to turn leads into customers and, in turn, improve your overall ROI, it is essential for you to invite the right people.

A VP of Sales and Marketing at a leading Infrastructure Solutions provider summarizes the problem well:

“The old way of getting in front of customers was to invite thousands of people to a hotel somewhere, trap them in a room with a bagged sandwich, and talk at them for a couple of hours with the hope that you’ll get a few leads out of it. I’ve never been a big fan of that. A full room may seem like a success, but if the majority of the attendees don’t fit your target profile then you’ve got to comb through a whole lot of people to find the one or two good leads. Who has the resources to do that? I’d rather have 20 really qualified people show up to an event, as opposed to 200 who aren’t at the right level or can’t make decisions…”

This is a story event planners and business professionals are all too familiar with. Spending a considerable amount of time and money hosting local events that don’t produce nearly enough strong leads. Today it is more important than ever before that a different approach is taken to business event planning. With all of the different resources, tools, and marketing strategies available to us nowadays, this should be fairly straightforward, wouldn’t you think? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Which is where RainKing comes in. Through market research and the like, we have learned that there is, in fact, a much smarter approach to business event planning than simply inviting every single person you know.

The Smarter Approach: Invite fewer people – but BETTER targets – to a higher quality event.

Instead of casting a wide net, narrow your focus to your top prospects only. It makes sense, but seems difficult to execute, right? Well, RainKing’s Prediction Engine makes it very easy. Its proprietary algorithm enables users to quickly and effectively rank large lists of prospects in terms of likelihood to buy. So instead of hosting thousands of low level reps at your sales events, you can micro-target and refine your invitee list, allowing you to invest time and money in only your most promising prospects.

Here’s how Array Networks and Paul Andersen leverage RainKing’s Prediction Engine to drive webinar attendance:

“RainKing’s Prediction Engine allows me to find the right people within specific verticals or to zero in on IT executives and professionals who are going to be interested in a specific project. This makes it very easy for me to quickly pull together a campaign that targets exactly who I want to target,” he says.

What are the results of micro-targeting and inviting the right people to such events? “I come out of every webinar with at least two very good customer opportunities,” says Paul.

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