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Last week industry giant, Ace Hardware, named IT industry leader Karen Fedyszyn as the company’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Technology. Fedyszyn, who will report to Ace’s CFO, was brought in specifically to revamp business functions using strategic technology and systems management.

“Karen is an accomplished global information technology leader who brings a wealth of systems management and experience from some of the most highly regulated industries,” said Bill Guzik, Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer at Ace Hardware. “Karen is a proven leader in the field of information systems, directing teams of more than 1,000 and managing multi-billion dollar budgets.”

Leading Hardware Cooperative

Ace Hardware, based in Oak Brook, Illinois, has more than 4,850 hardware stores that are locally-owned and operated. The chain is the largest hardware cooperative in the industry.

Prior to joining Ace, Fedyszyn served as an executive leader at HSBC for the last 14 years, most recently as Senior Vice President, Information Technology. Spending time in Hong Kong and London, Fedyszyn led the IT industry as she served as CIO on both the U.S. and global level. Her duties ranged from leading delivery, operations, data centers and serving as Chief Technology Officer. Fedyszyn also spent four years with IBM, and six with Monsanto.

Fedyszyn received her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida. She continued her education with a certificate of Business Administration and Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management’s Directors Development Program.

Delivering Significant ROI

In the next few months Fedyszyn will begin her transformation of the company’s information technology environment. Likely she will be under a lot of pressure to deliver significant return on investment, and to successfully drive strategic technology and systems management to improve business functions. Now is the time to pick up the phone, and make a case for your product.

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