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Last week Nike announced that Anthony Watson will replace Roland Paanakker, as Chief Information Officer. Paanakker retired in November after more than twenty years with the company. Watson joins Nike with a wealth of IT industry experience, and a reputation as one of the Top CIOs in the world. Watson, 38, is anticipated to start in mid-April. He will report to Eric Sprunk, Nike’s Chief Operating Officer.

Most recently, Watson served as Barclays Bank, PLC’s Managing Director and CIO for Europe and the Middle East. He also served as the chair of Barclay’s Europe, Middle East, Retail and Business Banking Operation Committee and co-chair of Barclay’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council. Prior to joining Barclays, Watson was Senior Vice President and Global Head of Technology services for Wells Fargo. He has also held IT industry leadership roles at CitiGroup, Unisys Corporation, Microsoft and First-e Bancorp.

Globally Recognized IT Leadership

“We look forward to Anthony joining our team and bringing his deep knowledge, expertise and vision to lead Nike’s overall technology strategy,” said Sprunk, “We are confident he can deliver progressive and innovative technology solutions and help us to continue to drive sustainable, profitable growth.”

Watson is highly regarded as one of the Top CIOs in the world, and recognized in the IT industry for being highly consumer centric, agile, innovative and transformational. This makes him an ideal fit for Nike, as they are widely viewed as a leader in fast paced development and innovation.

Barclays Bank in Turmoil

Barclays has made headlines within IT Industry recently with a number of high profile leadership changes and accusations in recent months. The bank has been under scrutiny after being accused of leaking 27,000 customer records. In addition, last week Barclays announced its intentions to cut 7,000 jobs in the UK as a reduction of up to 12,000 jobs this year. Many senior Barclays IT jobs are likely to be cut.

Watson is the second high profile business technology leader that has left Barclays in recent months. Shaygan Kheradpir resigned as Chief Operations and Technology Officer in November, and now serves as CEO of Juniper Networks. Barclays also lost its most senior banker, Sir Hector Sants, in November.

The Power of Urgency

Research shows that the first seller in the door wins the business over 60% of the time. As with Nike’s newest leadership change, with Scoops, you’ll be the first to know about what’s going in the IT industry. You’ll be able to capitalize on the advantages of knowing first about leadership changes, projects and future happenings within a company, and the industry.

We recently surveyed CIOs who had been in their new position for less than six months. Results showed that 25% of them spent over $1 million, and 71% of those IT leaders did so in the first three months of their new position. Here at DiscoverOrg, we know the power of good timing. Leverage your IT intelligence to increase your IT sales and get in touch with Anthony Watson while he continues to grow his outstanding reputation as one of the world’s Top CIOs.

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