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In November, Deutsche Bank made a huge announcement that JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at salesforce.com, would join the company in January of this year as their first Chief Data Officer. Rangaswami, who stepped into his new role this week, is charged with standardizing the Bank’s information management processes, tools and governance, while optimizing digital strategy.

Rangaswami will be based in London and report directly to Kim Hammonds, Global Chief Information Officer and Global Co-Head of Group Technology & Operations (GTO); and secondarily to Jim Turley, Global Co-Head of GTO.

Strengthening Digital Strategy

“JP has a track record of partnering closely with senior business leaders to deliver innovation. He will help drive competitive advantage by deepening the bank’s insights into clients and markets, while enhancing its data quality and controls”, said Hammond.

In the last year, Deutsche Bank has made a series of appointments that indicate the company is keeping with financial industry trends towards prioritizing a strong digital strategy.

Salesforce.com CEO, Marc Benioff, speaks highly of Rangaswami, calling him an “enthusiastic rare talent and true innovator.”

Business and Information Technology Crossover

DiscoverOrg analysts report an increased investment for Deutsche Bank toward data quality enhancement initiatives beginning in Q1 of this year, and an increased investment toward the development of Java-based tools to support single sign-on (SSO) services.

Prior to serving as Chief Scientist at Salesforce, Rangaswami served as a Senior Technology Executive at the BT Group. He has also previously worked as an economics and financial journalist. He received a Bachelor’s degree with honors in economics from St. Xavier’s College.

After a series of leadership changes in 2014 indicating the company is beginning to make digital strategy a higher priority, you can be sure that Deutsche Bank will be searching for ways to optimize information management systems, tools, and governance in early 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity, or any one that comes with a C-level leadership change. Stay in front of these primed opportunities with DiscoverOrg’s Triggers, alerting you of selling opportunities happening at your target accounts.

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